The Academic Statement is a piece of writing of no more than 750 words in which you plan, summarize, and reflect on your learning. 

What Did I Learn in College? The Academic Statement and Mapping Your Education

Member of the faculty Nancy Koppelman describes how the Academic Statement is an opportunity for students to pause and think about -and write about- what they’re doing.

The Academic Statement allows Evergreen students to reflect on and plan their liberal arts education annually and to summarize their academic pathway when they graduate. The final version of the statement introduces each student's transcript.

A student writes his academic statement

Annual Academic Statement Work

Each year, faculty dedicate time in the Fall quarter to collaborate with you as you reflect on and map out your academic choices. In the Winter and Spring quarter, faculty mentor students on All-Campus Mentoring Days and provide one-on-one support and feedback for Academic Statements. Your Academic Statement should reflect academic choices as they relate to the Five Foci and the Six Expectations of an Evergreen Graduate.


When you’re ready to graduate, you’ll submit a final version. Your Academic Statement accompanies and complements the rest of your Evergreen transcript.

“As I dug deeper for answers to my own questions regarding my education, I gained a significant amount of clarity about where I have been and where I am going. It was a very fruitful process, and I'm glad I tackled it!”