Explore what you care about. Be active in your college experience. Have fun while practicing skills for life. Write the narrative instead of reading it.

Get Involved

  • Go to an event
  • Go to a meeting
  • Get popcorn on Wednesdays
  • Run for office
  • Write for the newspaper
  • Fix your bike
  • Dance [if you want to]

Evergreen students run more than 70 different groups focusing on art, politics, science, gaming, crafts, and so much more.

  • Engage with your academic interests in new ways outside of the classroom.
  • Help people on campus or in the wider world.
  • Enjoy your favorite arts and hobbies with other Greeners.
  • Meet people with similar interests and develop life-long friendships.

Find a group that's right for you.

Student group leaders also develop valuable skills in organizing, facilitating, budgeting, and working with people. See resources for group leaders.

One Idea + 4 Students = A Student Group

You can start a group. Student Activities can help your group thrive.

Official student groups have access to resources like space on campus, equipment and materials, a staff advisor, and funding for activities.

Find out more and start your group.