Advising Staff

Interim Director Kitty Jones
Academic Advisors
International Programs and Services
Michael Clifthorne
Faculty Academic Advisor Lisa Sweet
Academic Advisor Jean Eberhardt
Academic Advisor Cholee Gladney
Academic Advisor Eric Kiger
Academic Advisor Tyrone Newton
Academic Advisor Clare Lilliston
Support Staff
Office Assistant III Kathy Anderson
Program Coordinator Katherine McGee

General Academic Advisor Duties

All advisors are assigned to general advising duties including:

  • Advising by appointment, drop-in, e-mail, phone
  • Providing current information on curriculum, policies, procedures
  • Review of internship contracts
  • Workshop presentations
  • Retention/orientation activities
  • Upside Down Program
  • Core Connectors to first-year programs
  • How's It Going (HIG) follow-up