Narrative Evaluation

faculty working with a student on an eval

At Evergreen, your learning and academic progress are assessed in narrative evaluations rather than grades. You will receive evaluations from faculty, as well as write your own self-evaluation for each offering.

Narrative evaluations are far more descriptive than grades. While a grade can reveal nothing about the thinking that went into your work or what you completed, evaluations express the reactions of both you and your faculty members to your work. These detailed documents often provide specific examples of achievement or progress within a particular offering.

All evaluations lead to a reflective document you write called an Academic Statement that goes in your transcript.

The Evaluation Process

The evaluation process includes your self-evaluation, faculty evaluation of you and your evaluation of faculty.

At the end of an offering, you will:

  • write a self-evaluation, summarizing your accomplishments, new understandings, and goals for the future
  • write evaluations of your faculty
  • meet and discuss your academic progress with your faculty and receive your evaluation from them
  • submit your self-evaluation to transcript (optional)

At the end of an offering, faculty will:

  • prepare an evaluation of your achievements
  • meet with you and discuss your evaluation during evaluation week
  • submit their evaluation of you to your transcript