The Master in Teaching program brings an Evergreen sensibility to Washington state’s requirements for becoming a teacher.

Fall 2016 application deadline extended to June 27. Apply now.

Students in class

Evergreen’s Master in Teaching program places you in classrooms and working with students during your first year.

Social Justice in the Classroom Requires Your Participation

Know your subjects before you begin.

You need to know your subject matter before you start the Master in Teaching program.

Learn more about what subjects you can teach, and what courses and tests you need to apply.

Teacher candidates here are immersed in social justice, informed by our conceptual framework.

As you learn classroom management and teaching methods, you will also examine how your perspective affects your teaching. You will explore how to use your students’ experiences to craft better curriculum. You will tackle questions of policy and politics head-on, from the local to national level. You will strive to enact equity pedagogies and environments which support the learning of all children.

Gain Extensive In-Classroom Experience

At the same time, you will gain extensive practical experience in the classroom.

You will put your skills to use right away and throughout your candidacy, with many opportunities to spend time with K–12 students at a variety of ages. During year one you will have a weekly practicum placement. In year two you will devote fall and spring quarters to your student-teaching assignments.

From first inquiry through graduation and beyond, you are supported by our knowledgeable, approachable staff and facultyOur faculty demonstrate teaching approaches as you learn them. They provide extensive coaching and feedback during your student teaching. 

From day one MiT graduates seem experienced beyond their years, and are prepared to apply a valuable range of skills and subjects to their work. I see the benefits of Evergreen’s interdisciplinary approach in work at the high school as MiT alumni make connections and foster projects with teachers of different subjects.

Steve Rood, North Thurston H.S. principal

Impact Within and Beyond the Classroom

Nate Gibbs-Bowling

I get to leave my intellectual and cognitive fingerprints on 100 kids a year who are going out and hopefully becoming more informed citizens and especially being agents of change.

Nate Gibbs-Bowling, MiT ’06 Washington State Teacher of the Year

Amazing job placement

Because of our reputation for rigor and excellence, our graduates have an amazing job placement rate. As of July 2015, 97% of the class of 2015, 100% of the class of 2014 and 100% of the class of 2013 seeking employment have found teacher positions.

Professional and national recognition

Our graduates have gone on to do exceptional work as teachers in Washington and throughout the nation. With strong reflective writing skills honed in MiT, a significant number of alumni seek National Board certification and pass on their first attempt.

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You too can become an exceptional teacher, changing lives and creating a better future.

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