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Budget Office

Budget Overview

The Budget 101 (PDF) document provides a general overview of Evergreen's budget including sources of revenue and categories of expenditures.

Budget Process

Evergreen's budgeting process follows the two-year cycle set by the State of Washington and is guided by the college's budget policy. The budget documents below provide detailed information about the college's budget and budget process. 

2015-17 Budget Planning

Final Executive Summary:  2015-17 Operating Budget Spending Plan
Executive Summary:  2015-17 Operating Budget Request
2015-17 Legislative Operating Budget Request
        Individual Decision Packages

2013-15 Budget Planning

Executive Summary:  2014-15 Operating Budget Modifications
Executive Summary:  2013-15 Operating Budget Spending Plan
2014 Supplemental Request
2013-15 Legislative Operating Budget Request
Board of Trustees approved 2012-15 Legislative Request Framework
Overview of Reductions to State Funding 2009-11 & 2011-13  
Attorney General's Opinion Regarding Revenue and Spending for a July 1 Contingency

Budget Planning History

Comprehensive Fee and Rate Listing


More information

We welcome your questions and comments. Please email Steve Trotter, Executive Director for Operational Planning and Budget.