The Provost's Office

The Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost's Office

At Evergreen, the Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost, Michael Zimmerman, oversees all of the operations of the Academic division and represents academics at the senior administration level.

The Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost is also the college's senior academic representative to a dozen or so external agencies on which either the college depends (like the Washington State Interinstitutional Committee of Academic Officers, who make recommendations to state policymakers) or whose work on the national scene helps further and protect Evergreen's values and vision as a non-traditional public higher education institution.

The Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost at Evergreen performs all of his duties in close collaboration with the Academic Deans and the other Vice Presidents.

He is supported in his work within the division by:Michael Zimmerman                  

  • Laura Coghlan, Director of Institutional Research and Assessment
  • John McLain, Academic Grants Manager
  • Lorri Moore, Academic Financial Support Services Manager
  • Walter Niemiec, Associate Vice President for Academic Budget and Planning
  • Julie Slone, Executive Assistant to the Provost
  • Marcia Zitzelman, Administrative Assistant to the Provost