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Scheduling Requests

The CRC Coordinator should receive schedule requests via email, from a source that's identifiable and locatable and accountable for the activity involved. The Facilities Manager will not be responsible for requests received via phone or written note, though in cases of emergency, these forms of communication are better than nothing.

Information about space rentals.

Scheduling Requests should include:

  • the name or type of the activity,
  • the name of the person making the request, *
  • a way to contact that person, *
  • the date the request was submitted, *
  • the start and end times for the activity,
  • set-up and clean-up time that may be needed,
  • If the request is an email attachment, the date the attachment was generated.

* Requests generated on the campus email system include this information automatically.

For MOST events (OTHER than weekly Leisure Ed & Aquatics classes, and weekly Rec. Sports activities.) a "CRC Event Management Form" will be completed either by the person responsible for the event or by the Scheduling Coordinator in a meeting with that person.

Requests to reserve space NOT under the jurisdiction of Athletics & Recreation may be routed through the Scheduling Coordinator to the Space Scheduling office at his or her discretion, or may be routed to them directly.


Schedules will commence on the hour and 1/2-hour, and will end at 59 and 29 minutes past the hour. Scheduling confirmations will be returned via email. Event organizers should refer to these confirmations for the ACTUAL times booked.

Cancellations & No-Shows

Other than for large one-time events, reserved space becomes available to others if not occupied by the scheduled users more than 15 minutes after the start of the reservation. Space reservations for users that repeatedly don't occupy space they've scheduled, will be canceled. Users that do this flagrantly will lose the privilege of scheduling space.

When activities are canceled, space reservations should be canceled BEFORE participants are notified, refunds are generated, etc.

Pool Space

Scheduling for the Pool, Diving Well & Sundeck is managed by the CRC Coordinator.

Intercollegiate Athletics

Intercollegiate Athletics has scheduling priority over space needed for competitions during each team's specific season. Priority for practice space is shared with other Recreation & Athletic programs acknowledging that practice space must be available for team competition to succeed. Schedule requests for practices should be delivered to the Scheduling Coordinator no later than 3 weeks prior to the time being requested. Competition schedules should be give to the Scheduling Coordinator no later than:

Men and Women's Soccer May 15th
Men and Women's Basketball June 15th
Volleyball May 15th
Cross Country May 15th

Rec. Sports&Aquatics

Athletics & Recreation programs have priority over classroom space in the CRC after 5:00 p.m. weekday evenings, and all day on the weekends. (Academics has priority weekdays 8:30am - 5:00pm.) Requests for space that will be listed in publicity brochures should be given to the Scheduling Coordinator no later than one month prior to the upcoming quarter. Requests received after that will be handled first-come, first-served. Space scheduling must be CONFIRMED before publicity for an activity is produced. Producing publicity for an event without first securing a space booking will not obligate the College to violate space use or scheduling priorities.

Conference Services

Conference Services provides a large part of the funding for Athletics & Recreation programs and services. During the summer, when most conferences occur, the Conference Services staff has broad discretion for negotiating additional business for Athletics & Recreation. Printed schedules may be obsolete minutes after they are generated, we should generally assume facilities are NOT available unless Conference Services staff confirm in writing that they are. Conference scheduling continues throughout the year but a confirmed summer schedule should be available from them in early May each year.

Student Activities

Activities sponsored by the Student Activities office should be submitted on Campus Production Report forms that include the Account Manager's signature. All student group scheduling--even weekly on-going activities--requires at least a brief conversation (to clarify event needs and group expectations) between the coordinator of the activity and the Athletics & Recreation Scheduling Coordinator. Space scheduling must be CONFIRMED before publicity for an activity is produced. Producing publicity for an event without first securing a space booking will not obligate the College to violate space use or scheduling priorities.