Sustainability-related Events

Spring Quarter, graduate-level elective!

The Value of Natural Capital

Co-taught by Evergreen’s Director of Sustainability and staff from Earth Economics, this course will focus primarily on using Ecosystem Service Valuation (ESV) in informing decision makers of alternative approaches to the multiple pressing and widespread environmental issues. The class is a facilitated learning experience using Evergreen’s Olympia campus as an applied case study to learn the theory, methodologies, and practice of ecosystems services and accounting for natural capital along with their applications in public policy. The students will apply lessons learned in class by scoping and building the foundations of a complete economic assessment of Evergreen’s 1,008 acre Olympia campus during the course. Guest lecturers from Earth Economics will work closely with the class to develop a deep understanding of this innovative economic perspective that provides a critical connection between standard cost/benefit analyses and the unaccounted impacts upon our environment.

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