Anne Kimsey

Anne is a graduate of Columbia River High School in Vancouver, Washington. She had a plan when she was in high school for her college search: keep it local. She wanted to be able to keep her education costs low and she wanted a small, liberal arts college environment. "Evergreen's always been on my radar," she says.

Anne Kimsey Student

Vancouver, Washington

She visited Evergreen during the spring: “The sky was blue, the rhododendrons were in bloom and it wasn’t raining. A perfect atypical weather day in the Pacific Northwest.

“One of the things I did during my visit is that I sat down and read the academic catalog. And, it really got me. I really understood how a liberal arts education could be completely different with an interdisciplinary teaching and learning model.” 

“The coolest thing that I can say about my education is that I have been able to incorporate linguistics and/or French in the majority of my recent studies in some very unexpected ways. And, I can prove it! My program included GIS (Geographic Information System) mapping. I really like the way it’s taught here because it’s about mapping for social change. Using the 2010 US Census, I was able to map the Cajun French-speaking population in Louisiana. My project shows that GIS can be applied to social science research."

As a Student Ambassador, Anne has toured the campus with prospective student visitors and their parents. She offers this advice: “Parents should sit down and have a good conversation with their student. Figure out the important questions and give your student the opportunity to take the lead with asking those questions. It might be hard to let go. There might be uncomfortable silent moments on the tour. But, trust that your student can do this.”