Erin Harms

Erin came to Evergreen from Canby High School, just south of Portland, Oregon. Visiting the campus showed her that it was the place for her.

Erin Harms

Canby, Oregon

“I’m a nerd: I started my college search when I was a high school sophomore,” she says. “All the colleges I visited and was interested in attending were private. I heard about Evergreen from a high school friend – her brother was an Evergreen student. She thought that Evergreen would be a good fit for me. I wasn’t sure about it on first glance, but I applied and got admitted.

“Then, my mom made me visit every college that admitted me. When I got here and had someone actually show me how this place works, I told my mom, “This is it.”

The biggest benefit as an Evergreen student: "The faculty and staff really care about me as a person and as a student. I mean: everyone wants to legitimately help me.”

Her advice for parents: "If your son or daughter is interested in going to college, sit down and have an honest conversation with them – How do you see yourself in five years? Where will you feel most comfortable? Do you want to live in a large city? Do you want to live in the Pacific Northwest? Do the colleges you picked out have the things you want?”

"We have narrative evaluations. My parents read my evaluations. And, quarterly evaluations represent what happened that quarter. If I’m in a year-long program, it’s going to take 9-months before you see my summative work. It’s a learning journey; it’s a process. Every quarter, you’ll see where your student has been. You can’t know the end of the story before it happens."

"My studies have led me to some pretty fascinating subjects. Having the freedom to choose what I want to study is pretty awesome. The cumulative effect of everything I’ve taken isn’t on a checklist.”