Explore Olympia and Beyond | The Evergreen State College

Explore Olympia and Beyond

The Evergreen State College exists at a cultural crossroad. In one direction lies urban excitement. In another lies outdoor adventure. In yet another you’ll find many homegrown amenities.

As a student, you'll have easy access to oceans, mountains, rainforests, and some of America’s hippest cities. Whatever your style, you’ll find it in and around Olympia.

In Olympia

Fun in the City

The Capitol Theater in downtown Olympia

Olympia Film Society

The Olympia Film Society at the Capitol Theater is a volunteer group of film lovers. The theater shows indie movies and hosts festivals, live music, and other special events. You’ll get a student discount on your admission, but you can also trade volunteer time for free tickets!

Olympia Farmers Market

Open year round, the farmers market overflows with fresh organic produce, baked goods, meats, Olympia oysters, and more—all from local sources. You can eat lunch there and enjoy family entertainment, events, and people watching.

Olympia Food Co-op

Olympia’s two food co-ops carry a wide variety of natural foods and products. Lifetime memberships are cheap, and their bulletin boards are great for discovering new events, house shows, and opportunities around town.

Arts Walk

Twice a year, local artists team up with local businesses downtown to exhibit their latest masterpieces. The streets are closed to traffic while art, street performances, music, and sales abound.