M. Bryce Limón

Bryce started at Evergreen in Fall 2008 after graduating from Washington’s Stanwood High School.

M. Bryce Limón Student

Stanwood, Washington

During his freshman year, Bryce lived in D-dorm. “Now, I live off-campus on the west-side with three other Evergreen students. I met all of these guys when I was a freshman. I’ve made lifelong friends.” 

Bryce tries to makes sure that he knows that his food is locally-sourced. Sometimes it’s a challenge to “always eat local and organic whenever possible. …I eat a lot of fish, simple grains, and fresh veggies. When I go on overnight backpacking trips (which I do in all seasons), I eat mostly vegetarian.”

His college search was also organic. “I didn’t really start the college search process. I was born into it,” he says. “Everyone in my family has at least a bachelor’s degree and many have their Ph.D.’s.

“My Dad knows a lot about colleges and universities, though. He sat me down when I was a sophomore in high school and told me about this place called ‘Evergreen.’ My interest blossomed when I realized how much I could explore there. I came down for a visit during my junior year with my parents. As we began driving down the Evergreen Parkway, I was stunned by the beauty of the tree-lined drive. I started to laugh: this was awesome!

Update: Bryce graduated in June 2012. Watch this video to hear about his plans after Evergreen.

“I visited other colleges in California, but Evergreen is really special. I came down for an overnight stay; I attended Preview Day; I even sat through an Evergreen Information Session.” 

“There are so many cool things about Evergreen. If I have to pick just one thing: it’s the way the interdisciplinary programs work. So, as a freshman, I was in a program that covered a lot of different subjects, but everything was taught to a theme. We had a broad overview of a lot of stuff.

“As a senior, interdisciplinary programs still work for me because I get to go more in-depth on all those different subjects.”

And, Evergreen programs travel. The faculty and students take learning out of the classroom to the great outdoors. Bryce’s first program was The Olympic Peninsula. He remarked about his first field trip: “I was laughing! I was soaking wet from the rain and I have pretty good gear. But, we were all there focused on plant biodiversity and listening to the field lecture by (forest ecology faculty member) Dylan Fischer.”