Student Profiles

Explore life and learning at Evergreen through the experiences and adventures of a few of our current and recent students.

Maria Miller ’17

Maria Miller

Public health studies and environmental science education

I'm focusing on rural health-care, which I never thought I was going to be doing. I transferred here to do environmental science from a pre-nursing program. Then that led me to science education, which led me to health science education, which is how I found public health. Which is actually just environmental science, plus nursing, plus health education. So I could do it all as one thing.

Chris Moss

Chris Moss

I'm doing undergraduate research with tardigradia. My speciality is dissecting their only bone and doing Scanning Electron Microscopy of it. On this one piece of lichen, I found 100 tardigrades. My goal is to identify as many as I can down to the species level. It's not easy. I'll probably get about 40, but the thing is that there is no definitive guide on tardigrades. It's one of those things... If you want to name an animal, go find a tardigrade.

Arianne Aquino ’17

Arianne Aquino Class of 2107


I’m interested in integrating social justice and climate justice into the work that General Practitioners do to support communities. A lot of doctors are pretty one-dimensional in their service work; and I don’t want to be like that. Ideally, I would like to be a doctor who is part of a health collective that integrates health work into community organizing and environmentalism.

Bethany Evans M. ’18

Bethany Evans M. Class of 2018

Evolutionary biology, conceptual sciences, ecology, and botany

I really like the small class sizes and the communication one on one with the faculty. Evergreen allows me to learn in my learning style.

Alyssa Hernandez ’19

Alyssa Hernandez Class of 2019

Art, ceramics, photography, drawing and painting

I went on a tour with my high school and saw the campus and fell in love. I enjoy their way of teaching and the independence you're able to have.