Student Profiles

Explore life and learning at Evergreen through the experiences and adventures of a few of our current and recent students.

Headshot of Karl Anderson

Karl Anderson

International Relations, Economics
Shepherdstown, West Virginia

Headshot of Taylor Asao

Taylor Asao

Environmental Studies
Honolulu, Hawaii

Headshot of Chris Glattard

Chris Glattard

Education, Music
Wilmette, Illinois

Headshot of Erin Harms

Erin Harms

Political Economy and Social Change
Canby, Oregon

Headshot of Anne Kimsey

Anne Kimsey

French and Linguistics, Environmental Sciences and Policy
Vancouver, Washington

Headshot of Matthew Labrenz

Matthew Labrenz

Education, Cognitive Psychology
Afton, Minnesota

Headshot of M. Bryce Limón

M. Bryce Limón

Terrestrial Ecology and Hydrology
Stanwood, Washington

Headshot of Celi Tamayo-Lee

Celi Tamayo-Lee

Political Economy and Media Arts
San Francisco, California

Headshot of Jaron Williams

Jaron Williams

Computer Science
Olympia, Washington