You create your academic pathway. Your Academic Statement is your chance to explain and explore how it comes together.

What Did I Learn in College? The Academic Statement and Mapping Your Education

The Academic Statement is a narrative introduction to your overall transcript. You write about where you’ve been and where you’re going at Evergreen, describing your undergraduate studies as a whole. Reflective writing is a great way to understand what you've learned and to discover what you want to learn.

1. New Student Orientation

You’ll begin by writing an Orientation Essay that talks about your academic goals and interests.

2. Annual Academic Statement Work

Each year, you'll revisit your Academic Statement. Faculty help students in their programs in the fall, and at Mentoring Days in the winter and spring.

A student writes his academic statement

What makes a good Academic Statement?

There are many ways to write a good Academic Statement. Read some tips and find out how to get help, or check out some excellent examples from the annual Writing Contests.

3. Preparing for Graduation

When you're ready to graduate, you'll submit a final version that tells how your education at Evergreen came together. Your Academic Statement accompanies and complements the rest of your transcript from Evergreen.

“As I dug deeper for answers to my own questions regarding my education, I gained a significant amount of clarity about where I have been and where I am going. It was a very fruitful process, and I'm glad I tackled it!”