Academic Statement

Academic Statement Requirements

If you are an undergraduate student admitted or re-admitted Fall 2013 or later, you are required to turn in an Academic Statement once a year and a final version at graduation.

In the fall, all undergraduate students enrolled in programs will be required to work on their academic statements. Program requirements for academic statement submittal will be made by the faculty teaching the program.

All versions of the academic statement are turned in online using

Annual Academic Statement

Once a year you have to turn in an annual Academic Statement.

The annual submission period starts the end of Week 7 of Fall Quarter.

The deadline for submission is Friday afternoon of Week 7 of Spring Quarter.

You won't be able to register after that deadline until you've submitted your annual Academic Statement.

Final Academic Statement

You must turn a final version for graduation by the last day of the quarter in which you plan to graduate.

Your final version can’t be more than 750 words.

Graduate Students

Students in graduate degree programs are not required to write or turn in an Academic Statement. If you want to write one and include it in your transcript, you have to submit it by the last day of the quarter in which you graduate.