Student Activities

Event Evaluations

Event coordinators should complete this evaluation form after EACH event (this includes events that did cost any money) and submit it to your advisor within FIVE days of the event.

Event Evaluations are important to your Organization and the Student Activities office because:

  • This form is a tool to improve future events. It requires coordinators to reflects on the successes and opportunities of each individual event.
  • A compilation of many event evaluations provides future coordinators with insight into what the organization is typically expected to do during a given school-year.
  • Evaluations provide valuable information to the S&A Board when your RSO decides to request any money through the Special Initiative or Operational Budget request. The evaluations are used by the S&A Board to evaluate your RSOs ability to coordinate, promote, and execute events.
  • The information contained in event evaluations provides the Student Activities with information about what services and/or trainings RSO might need to better succeed as an organization.
  • ...and many many more. Please see your RSO Advisor or the Outreach Coordinator for more information or questions.

Ready to Submit an Event Evaluation?

Event evaluations may be filled out online.