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  • Student groups can be reached off campus by dialing (360) 867-6220 unless a direct phone number is listed.
  • Student groups with locations noted by a workstation number are located on the 3rd floor of College Activities Building.  

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Please Email the Student Activities Outreach Coordinator or speak directly with your RSO Advisor if you are a Registered Student Organization and would like any information changed or added to your group's description


Abolish Cops and Prisons

We’re a group of students as TESC seeking to undermine the prison and police system through prisoner solidarity and support by offering educational and media events, holding monthly prisoner writing days, and to organize campaigns against injustices related to police and prisons.

For more information, send an email, visit their webpage, contact them on facebook.

Asian Pacific Islander Coalition (APIC)

To give students a safe community environment to express, share and learn about other’s culture through art, stories, music, movies, and food.

For more information, go to their website, Tumblr, or send an email.

Astronomy Club

To engage the student body in activities and discussion that will educate them about the universe, and to raise awareness about the important issue of space exploration.

For more information, visit the group's Facebook page or send an email.

Bike Shop

The Evergreen Bike Shop is a valuable resource for students and community members interested in bicycles. Our mission is to provide cyclists with the proper equipment, information, and a reliable, friendly environment to work on their bikes. We support the integration of bicycles as viable and functional forms of transportation as well as for recreational purposes. We have tools, parts (used and new), greases, supplies, resource materials, classes, workshops and volunteers to help people work on their bikes.

For more information, go to their blog, or send an email.

CAB 135
(360) 867-6399

Black Student Union

The purpose of the Black Student Union (BSU) is to provide unity amongst those who identify with Black Peoples, while engaging with the Evergreen community through cultural, educational, and entertaining activities.

For more information, visit their facebook group.

Body Love Burlesque

Body Love Burlesque is an organization of students dedicated to spreading body acceptance of all shapes, sizes, colors, ages, and gender identities. We will achieve this with skill building through crafts, costume and prop making, teamwork, fashion and performance. This group will be open to anyone interested in challenging societal norms and exploring their freedom of expression regardless of prior experience.

For more information send an email.

Campus Food Coalition

The Campus Food Coalition exists to provide a space for Evergreen Students, faculty, and community members to discuss and raise awareness of food issues on campus. We will implement plans of action to work toward accurately reflecting Evergreen’s sustainability goals and community ethics via our campus food system.

For more information, visit the group's Facebook page, blog, or send an email.

Capoeira Angola

Our mission is to provide the opportunity to study, practice, and experience Capoeria Angola to the Evergreen Community

For more information send an email.

Chemestry and Other Sciences

The Evergreen Chemistry and Other Sciences club’s principle functions are a) to foster opportunities for students of science at the Evergreen State College to get involved in community and professional activities, b)to support and promote science education, especially as it relates to sustainable practices, both in the Evergreen and broader south Sound community. Finally, the club will play an important role in the social facet of the student body, engendering a sense of community among science students at TESC.

For more information send an email.

Chess Club

The Evergreen Chess Club is devoted to creating a space that offers an opportunity to learn and play chess to participants of all skill levels. We will work towards introducing chess and popularizing the sport to all members of campus and the surrounding community.

Circus Resurgence

Evergreen Circus Resurgence is an inclusive student group devoted to the practice of circus arts. We’re an open forum that welcomes people of all skill levels to play, practice, learn and teach at our weekly meetings. We provide the equipment, encouragement, and environment for everyone from seasoned professionals to absolute beginners to feel comfortable trying new tricks and honing their craft.

For more information, visit the group's Facebook page.

Clean Energy Committee

The mission of the Clean Energy Committee is to support the success of energy efficiency, renewable energy, and resource conservation at Evergreen. The Clean Energy Committee is a group of students collaborating with campus staff and faculty. It carries the responsibility of representing the student body while appropriating the Clean Energy Fund. This fund was established by the students of Evergreen State College to fuel the progress of renewable energy in the Northwest.

More information is available on the group's website. You can also check out their Facebook page and contact them by email.

Coalition Against Sexual Violence (CASV)

The Coalition Against Sexual Violence (CASV) provides resources and creates safe places for survivors and allies to support one another and to work to end rape culture. CASV works to dismantle the systems supporting sexual violence with empowering workshops, speakers, films discussion, advocacy, education and art. CASV recognizes that sexual violence affects people of all identity groups. CASV strives to focus on intersectionality so that one day all of us will be safe and happy in our bodies.

For more information, send an email or check out our Facebook page.
(360) 867-7074

Common Bread

Common Bread is a crossroad of the spiritual paths, ancient and modern East, West, North, and South. We provide a contemplative space for the Evergreen Community and a safe place to share your journey!

For more information, visit the group's Facebook page, email or check out their blog.

Community Gardens

Our mission is to spread organic gardening practices to people who otherwise would not get the opportunity to love it; students just out of the city/suburbs, people who live in apartments that don’t allow space for a garden, people who are intrigued by the idea of growing their own food but intimidated about trying it on their own. We will provide tools and seeds for your success, both literally and metaphorically. We organize workshops and work parties emphasizing responsible, ecological gardening practices and the importance of local food systems. The Evergreen Community Gardens aims to form a strong and supportive community of gardeners in which all lean, grow and teach each other.

For more information, visit our Facebook page, email us or check out our blog.

The Cooper Point Journal


Cooper Point Journal organization members commit their efforts to two primary purposes: compiling submissions from students at large to create a newspaper that focuses on and reflects the student citizens of The Evergreen State College and examines how matters, particularly within the college, affect and involve students. The newspaper - also named Cooper Point Journal - serves as a medium for informing and entertaining students and as a forum for the ideas and opinions of students and others.

Cooper Point Journal members also commit themselves to providing a learning laboratory for effective, responsible expression and communication, whether the expression of communication is in the newspaper, with an individual or within a group. This includes the discipline of journalism and is in keeping with the responsibilities that accompany the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States and the Freedom of Speech article of the Constitution of the State of Washington.

The learning laboratory aspect of the CPJ organization manifests itself by developing and maintaining effective and responsible managing of operations and finances of an endeavor (newspaper) organization, as well as dealing with such life challenges as organizing efforts to develop and maintain an inclusive organization, establishing a group culture of inclusive and responsible decision making, personal and collective accountability, leadership that focuses of fulfilling organization goals and objectives by fostering an environment of consensus and cooperation rather than focusing on teh decision-making authority and responsibilities of leadership, confronting injustice and discrimination.

Read more at the Cooper Point Journal and check out the Facebook page.

CAB 332
(360) 867-6213

Creative Cures

Creative Cures is a meeting of minds to discover and implement innovative approaches towards treating and curing diseases of both physiological and psychological origin that afflict the unfortunate in our community and all over the globe.

For more information, visit the group's Facebook page, or check out their google group.

Developing Ecologically Aware Practices (DEAP)

DEAP is a student organization intended to promote sustainability issues, ideas and projects through the practice of permaculture. By creating education opportunities with quest speakers, workshops, and internship facilitation, we nourish an ecology of sustainability. We use and maintain Demerters Garden, a student run permaculture demonstration site, located in the organic farm. We support student projects relation to DEAP in order to increase access to activities and opportunities relating to permaculture and sustainability.

For more information, visit the group's webpage, Facebook page, or send an email.