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  • Student groups can be reached off campus by dialing (360) 867-6220 unless a direct phone number is listed.
  • Student groups with locations noted by a workstation number are located on the 3rd floor of College Activities Building.  

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Please Email the Student Activities Outreach Coordinator or speak directly with your RSO Advisor if you are a Registered Student Organization and would like any information changed or added to your group's description


Evergreen Aquaponics Think Tank

The Evergreen Aquaponics Think-Tank is committed to the support of students wanting to participate and gain hands on experience in the multiple and growing Aquaponics projects in Evergreen and beyond. The group will provide learning and internship assistance, be responsible for demonstration and documentation of data and produce, and volunteer coordination of the aquaponics systems on campus.

Evergreen Bee Club

To provide the Evergreen community with a space in which to study the practice of beekeeping, and access to information about the behavior and significance of bees and other local pollinators.

For more information, visit the group's Facebook.

Evergreen Campus Stewards

The Evergreen Campus Stewards will strive to increase the beauty, productivity and sustainability of the campus and its students. It is our goal to involve the student body in upkeeping its campus, leading projects that will enhance the sense of community and generate a feeling of accountability throughout.

Evergreen Chamber Orchestra

Our mission is to provide TESC students with the opportunity to play their orchestral instruments in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. We are open to performing all sorts of music.

For more information, visit the group's Facebook page, or send an email.

Evergreen Conservation Corps

The Evergreen Conservation Corps is a community of students. We are dedicated to education, awareness, discussion, and action for the environment near and far.

For more information, send an email.

Evergreen Fiber Arts Club

The Evergreen Fiber Arts Club provides a supportive community space for many to come as beginners to learn or as skilled individuals to improve their craft. We seek to empower community members by teaching them practical skill in fiber work and assisting them in exploring the potential of this field of study as hobby, study, or profession. We do this through providing weekly gatherings, workshops, a library of resources and networking with the larger community as a sustainable and intentional manner.

Evergreen Jazz Band Club

The mission of the Jazz Ensemble is to provide an environment where interested students can immerse themselves in jazz.

            In the club we will play jazz in a group setting. Through this, we will learn how to improvise and compose.

            At the same time, we will spend time listening to jazz and jazz influenced  music as well as recommending key albums.

            All of this will culminate in a recital at the end of each quarter.

Evergreen Political Information Center

EPIC is an organization of people to the political left. We seek to create a sustained community of educational, political and environmental concern: one bringing together progressives, radicals, activists, scholars, students, faculty, staff, and community groups.

            We maintain a vision of a democratic society, where at all levels the people have control of the decisions which affect them and the resources on which they are dependent. In short, we believe that the principle of democracy should be applied to all forms of social organization and relations. We seek a relevance necessary to effect change at the most basic levels of economic, political, and social organization. We feel the urgency to put forth a radical, democratic, program counterposed to authoritarian movements.

            Our goal is to bring about critical awareness of the issues which affect our lives. We want to demystify the reality we face in order to help ourselves and others understand and creatively deal with our everyday lives and our futures before us.

For more information, visit the group's Facebook page, or send an email.

Evergreen Queer Alliance (EQA)

The EQA arms to serve the needs of the queer community at the Evergreen State College by providing a safe space, resources, advocacy, awareness, education, entertainment, and community.

For more information, visit the group's Facebook or send an email.

(360) 867-7073

Evergreen Shakespeare Society

We are an intrepid group of theater enthusiasts striving to promote the wonderful work of the world's pre-eminent playwright.

Evergreen Shellfish Club

The mission of the Evergreen Shellfish Club is to provide a hands-on and educational experience through shellfish aquaculture for the Evergreen community; to develop and maintain a strong commitment to water quality and our access to healthy marine resources on Geoduck Beach.

For more information, visit the group's Facebook page, or send an email.

Evergreen State College Hip Hop Congress

The Evergreen State College Hip Hop Congress is an on-campus student group dedicated to the using and exposure of hip hop and hip hop culture as a forum and tool for social, economic, and political change. Within the Olympia community TESC Hip Hop Congress opens doors to a variety of events, discussions, and connections that we as a group, promote and facilitate.

Evergreen Student Media Project

The Evergreen Student Media Project is a collection of audio and visual submissions from current students of The Evergreen State College. Since 1980, it has annually highlighted the skills and creativity of the student body at Evergreen, and demonstrates what can be done with the amazing facilities and resources available. We will hold weekly meetings with students who are interested in being involved with various aspects of this tradition. Discussions during meetings will involve promotion, advertising options, package design, media to be included, formats, events, and other details regarding the project.

For more information, see their Facebook page, Website or email.

Evergreen Students for Sustainable Animal Agriculture (ESSAA)

The mission of ESSAA is to create and encourage opportunities for experimental and practical learning in animal agriculture to Evergreen students.

For more information, send an email or check out the Facebook page.

Evergreen Thinkers Society

Evergreen: Gee, Thinkers Society, what do you want to do this week?

Thinkers Society: The same thing we do every week, Evergreen – try to take over the world!

For more information, visit the group's Facebook page.

Evergreen Vocal Ensemble

Our mission is to sing and promote acapella choral music on campus and in our local communities.

Evergreen Yoga Service Collective

The Evergreen Yoga Service Collective is a group of students dedicated to living Yoga as a path and a practice for holistic sustainability. As a community we provide a space to share the practices and principles of yoga and whole health, and to practice these things together through service to community and service to personal wellbeing. All are welcome! We believe that yoga can be for everybody. We are committed to making yoga available, co-creative, accessible, free, and supportive to anyone who wants to practice. We hold weekly classes and meetings, as well as service projects and other events. Our projects and events are learning-based, open to all, and centered on sustainability, service, yoga and health.

For Racial Justice

For Racial Justice (ForRJ) is a group seeking to confront racism at the Evergreen State College, and our wider community. We wish to assist other campus groups with anti-racist actions, host spaces to address racial privilege, and acknowledge intersecting forms of oppression. ForRJ also looks to celebrate the human diversity overshadowed by racial categories, including cultures and ancestries obscured under the notion of “whiteness”. Through creative expression and anti-racist education, we aspire to work toward collective liberation.

For more information, send an email or check out the Facebook page.

FIST! (Feminist In Solidarity Together)

To provide a space for discussion and community around mtual aid, anti-oppression, with an emphasis on marginalized communities and voices

For more information, send an email or check out the Facebook or Tumblr page.

Freedom First Dance Collective

The Freedom First Dance Collective is a student run and organized group that holds weekly dances on campus. In these, we take turns DJing, providing music that all of our members are free to move to however they want. We strive to create a safe place for self-expression and lay down incredible music to dance to. Our dances typically follow the format of beginning calm rising to an intense peak then bringing you, the dancer back down peak again.

For more information, you can check out the Facebook page.

Gaming Guild

Our mission is to create a safe place to learn about and play various types of games and explore your inner nerd! We will be playing RPGs, board games, and card games. We plan to expand player base and knowledge.

Generation Friends Comedy Arts Coalition

Generation Friends Comedy Arts Coalition is a group dedicated to the appreciation, performance, and education of the comedic arts.

For more information, visit Facebook or email.

Geoduck Campus Games

We have the most unique, and exciting, theme and team based games and related themed events for faculty, staff, and students to play across the entire Evergreen State Campus.

For more information, visit the group's Facebook page or send an email.

Geoduck Student Union

The Geoduck Union is the official representation of the student body at The Evergreen State College. The Union is committed to unifying students across all Evergreen campuses, serving their interests at the local, state, and national levels and empowering all students to participate in positive social and political chance while fostering a fair and diverse community. The Union works to improve students’ quality of life by advocating for students' rights and needs, facilitating communication among students, and ensuring a fair balance of power among faculty, staff, administration and students.

Geoduck Student Union Website

For further information contact us via email.

(360) 867-6555

Giant Robot Appreciation Society (GRAS)

To celebrate Japanese art, animation, and culture through the viewing of animated movies, shows, and short films. We also strive to showcase our interests with the community through Chibi Chibi Con, an annual event on campus.

For more information,  visit the group's website, forum, Facebook page or send an email.

Graphic Novels Animation Comics Cartooning (GNACC)

We are a collective of comic book, graphic novel and animation enthusiast. By creating our own comics and animation and exposing new realms of these art forms to our members and the community we seek to upkeep this long standing Evergreen tradition.

Greeners 4 Christ/Jesus Folk

With hospitality and humility, we attempt through scripture study, service, community, and prayer to understand more fully who Jesus is and what it means to follow him.

Greeners Association for Psychedelic Studies (GAPS)

The Greeners Association for Psychedelic Studies (GAPS) is a group devoted to discussing the value of psychedelics for medical, therapeutic, spiritual, and scientific application. We are not here to encourage or discourage substance use but rather to allow the free flow of information. Our weekly meetings consist of presentations from members, documentaries, risk reduction information, and lively discussion. All are welcome to attend. We hope you’ll come explore with us.

Greener Film Society

The Greener Film Society allows students to collaborate and appreciate all aspects of film and its production through screening, workshops, and a general open forum for discussion.

For more information, send an email or visit the group's Facebook page.

Hacker Club

The Evergreen Hacker Club is a collection of individuals interested in learning, discussing, and implementing real-world applications of advanced technological subjects. We focus on topics chosen by the membership, and regularly host workshops for the group to share their skills with each other. Hacker Club is also home to the GNU-e-Ducks, Evergreen’s competitive cyber-security team.

Heavy Hips Movement Club

Heavy Hips embraces all forms of self expression through the vehicle of dance and movement practice. We are grounded in the essence of community and encourage members to share their knowledge of their art form in a safe, open-minded environment that welcomes all shapes and sizes.

For more information, send an email or check out the Facebook page.