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  • Student groups can be reached off campus by dialing (360) 867-6220 unless a direct phone number is listed.
  • Student groups with locations noted by a workstation number are located on the 3rd floor of College Activities Building.  

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Please Email the Student Activities Outreach Coordinator or speak directly with your RSO Advisor if you are a Registered Student Organization and would like any information changed or added to your group's description


Masters of Environmental Studies Association (MESA)

The Master of Environmental Studies Association (MESA) is dedicated to addressing the academic and social needs of the MES students. MESA designs its events and services to increase student involvement in campus and community environmental issues.

Movimento Estudiantil Xicano de Aztlan (MEXA)

Movimento Estudiantil Xican@ de Aztlan (MEXA) is a student organization that promotes higher education, cultura, and historia. MEXA de Evergreen strives to expand the definition of xicanismo to encompass the struggle of everyone who relates to la causa regardless of race, ethnicity, or nationality. MEXA de Evergreen is committed to the liberation of neustra raza’s minds, bodies, and souls through educational, economic, and political empowerment. MEXA was founded on the principles of self-determination for the liberation of our people. We believe that political involvement and education is the avenue for change in our society. MEXA de Evergreen is also committed to educating our gente on subjects of gender and sexuality and ensuring equality within the movimiento.

Native Student Alliance

The Native Student Alliance (NSA) is committed to building positive relationships among Native and non-Native communities by hosting cultural events. NSA is an inter-tribal organization that brings awareness to Indigenous issues in and outside of the Evergreen community. We strive to support our members and promote a welcoming community environment that respects our varying backgrounds while encouraging our efforts in social activism.

For more information, send an email or check out our Facebook page.

Natural History Club

The Evergreen State College Natural History Club functions to support individuals passionate about the Natural world. We seek to create links with the broader Natural History community around topics ranging from natural history collections curation to field studies. We wish to bring related studies together to inspire discovery, curiosity, and responsibility in the natural sciences.

Non Traditional x2

Evening & Weekend and Nontraditional students are often responsible for holding many worlds together at work, home, community, and school. How can we better support and recognize these dedicated students? NTx2 seeks to provide a community for students that are balancing many roles and responsibilities.

Through networking, resource sharing, and advocacy we will strive to ensure that TESC supports the needs of every student on campus – including working students, returning students, and students with families.

For more information check out our Facebook page.

Organizing for America Evergreen

We are dedicated to affecting positive social change through direct political action and community service.

For more information, send an email or check out our Facebook page.

The Phrontisterion

The Phrontisterion is an orgniazation dedicated to the promotion of interest in and study of the classical, Greco-Roman, and ancient Mediterranean world by means of weekly meetings, guest lectures and theatrical performances.

Police Awareness and Student Safety (PASS)

We seek to foster and build a safe, healthy, non-hostile environment on campyus by working with students, administration, faculty, staff, community, and emergency responders at The Evergreen State College to increase the level of education and self-awareness and facilitate a dialogue about relevant issues.

Project S.O.L.

As an organization which will keep community education and cooperation as our primary goals, Synthesize Our Lives (S.O.L.) will provide an expansive resource to students who would like to learn and share their knowledge of music production and dj-ing. Our group structure will resemble that of a cooperative in which all members will learn from presentations and workshlops on how to skillfully make and present music. Members will have the opportunity to volunteer to share their own knowledge and techniques as well.

Queer & Trans People of Color (QTPOC)

Queer & Trans People of Color work to create a space for people who align w/ a QTPOC identity to come together and build community. We do so through holding space to dialogue & process about topics that affect our community. We strive to create visibility for ourselves.

For more information, send an email.

(360) 867-7072

Riot to Follow

Riot To Follow Theater Productions (RTF) is a student organization at The Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA. We are an entirely student-operated theater production group dedicated to entertaining and enriching our community by producing theatrical works. We hope to provide consistent opportunities for Evergreen students to discover and explore the performing arts in a fun and supportive environment.

S&A Board

The S&A Board is the student committee that allocates Services and Activities fees to all of the organizations you see here. This student committee renews itself annually and seeks new members every Fall.

For more information, visit the board's web page or send an email.

(360) 867-6221

Shellfish Club

To provide a hands-on and education experience through shellfish aquaculture for the Evergreen community to develop and maintain a strong commitment to water quality and our access to healthy marine resources.

For more information, send an email.

Slightly West Literary Magazine

Marmot 3

Slightly West hopes to foster a community for writers of all kinds. We want to create an open and safe space for those who share an interest and esire to grow in all forms of literary expression. We welcome students, staff, and faculty to participate in our meetings and workshops and gatherings and readings.

For more information, send an email.

Socialist Alternative

Our mission is to enrich the Evergreen community through interactive education about socialist ideas and world events. We write and distribute literature, facilitate discussions and study groups, bring national and international speakers to campus, and organize campaigns for social justice in order to develop socialist perspectives.

For more information, visit the group's website or send an email.

Society of Creative Costuming

The Society of Creative Costuming aims to provide a space for all students to enthuse about, learn, and share their knowledge of costumes and the process behind making them. We will have various events throughout the school year to teach and learn about costumes and what makes them. All students with a passion for any aspects of costuming are welcome to join us, regardless of skill level or costuming background.

Student Ar Gallery

The Student Art Gallery is a network of students striving to provide support, community, and education for students interested in observing, creating, submitting, and/or curating art. Art of all mediums and levels are welcome. We provide workshops, lectures and resources for the campus as well as regular shows and gallery hours. In addition to exhibiting their work, we provide training and experience curating, promoting, installing, and documenting student artwork.

For more information, send an email or check out our Facebook page.

Students for a Democratic Society (SDS)

We're an anti-authoritarian, anti-capitalist, non-hierarchical, pro-queer, pro-feminist group dedicated to fighting all forms and systems of oppression, both locally and internationally, moving towards a free world based on joy and desire.

For more information, email.

Students for Justice in Palestine

The Mideast Solidarity Project/Students for Justice in Palestine at The Evergreen State College supports a fair and just resolution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and an end to the Israeli government’s policies of discrimination and occupation against Palestinians in the occupied territories, inside Israel, and those driven to become refugees by Israeli government action. We also oppose the involvement of the United States government with various dictatorial regimes across the Middle East in general. We aim to do our part to meet these goals by informing our community about and opposing Evergreen’s financial involvement with these policies and regimes through their investments in companies involved in human rights abuses.            

Students United for Reproductive Justice (SURJ)

Students United for Reproductive Justice is a student run group that works to increase awareness, education, dialogue, and action around reproductive health, reproductive rights, and reproductive justice. S.U.R.J. works to end reproductive oppression and stigma in the Evergreen and Olympia community by addressing the pro-choice movement as a matter of bodily autonomy, health, and socioeconomic paradigms.

Student Video Gamers Alliance (SVGA)

The Student Video Gamer’s Alliance exists to provide video game related services to the Evergreen community. Our three primary purposes are as follows:

  1. To promote social gaming- We hope to help gamers meet each other and form lasting friendships while enjoying the recreational use of video games.
  2. To educate the Evergreen community concerning video games and their social, political, and psychological commentary.
  3. To create a space for individuals interested in game-design to share ideas.