Student Activities

RSO Operations

Conference Room

The Student Activities conference room is located just outside the Student Activities area on the 3rd floor of the CAB Building.

This space can be configured in multiple ways and features a built in digital projection system. The room is reserved with the express priority for Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) housed in the CAB Building and the Student Activities Office use.

As a second priority those RSOs and auxiliaries supported with Services & Activities Fees, but not housed in the CAB have priority. Those programs include Athletics & Recreation, Office of Sexual Assault Prevention, and Campus Children's Center.

Other Campus Offices and Academic Programs can schedule non-reoccurring time in the room as available by contacting Student Activities.

Copy Machine and Copy Center

Every funded RSO will be assigned a Copy Code to the Student Activities copy machine. Please stop by the Front Desk or your advisor to learn the RSOs unique code. Keep in mind that the code is provided only to the Coordinator of the RSO. It is the responsibility of the Coordinator to delegate the code to appropriate members of the RSO.

Each month the amount of charges will be billed to the RSO budget, at a charge of $.08 per copy, $.16 per double-sided copy. Keep your copy code secret - remember, that you're responsible for copies made on your account. Typically, RSO copy accounts are limited to 500 copies per month, however this number can be increased upon request. The code can also be changed upon request.

The Copy Center is located inside the Greener Store on the 2nd floor of the CAB.

If you have more than 100 copies to make, please use the Copy Center. Charges at the Copy Center are $.07 per copy, or $.14 for double sided. They also have a color copier that can be used at a charge of $.60 for 8.5x11, $.75 for 8.5x14, and $.90 for 11x17 per copy.

The Copy Center has approximately a three-day turn around time. Their hours are 8am to Noon and Noon to 5pm, Monday through Friday.

For more information as well as additional rates for other services, please visit the Copy Center Website. Remember to plan ahead on all copy requests, larger copy jobs often need time to coordinate between your advisor and the Copy Center or an external printer.

All general purpose copy services are required to use the Evergreen Copy Center with the following exceptions:

  • The Copy Center does not have the right type of equipment for the job such as available paper sizes or selection, certain laminations, higher resolution work, book-making, high-gloss, photo, and ticket printing.
  • Price is more competitive for certain large printing jobs off-campus.
  • Copy Center does not meet the turn around time, or is not open during times the student group is available.

Printed Advertisements and Publishing

Prior to printing or copying of any materials to be used for advertising or announcing an event, the RSO advisor is available to help review the master document. All Purchase Requests for printing or copying must have the advisor's initials before the purchase will be arranged.

It's important that your event has followed the Event Planning procedures and received approval prior to making advertisements. The purpose of this review is to ensure that all information needed for a campus event have been included and that your RSO has enough funds to purchase the services. Unauthorized printing may not be reimbursed.

All items published by RSOs must be original work or used with permission of the designer or creator. Everything from zines, posters and anthologies created by RSOs carry with it the obligation that these creations are lawful. RSOs are encouraged to learn more about Libel (defamation) and Privacy Invasion and Copyright Law. RSOs should see their Student Activities advisor for more information.

Postal Mail and Packages

The on-campus and off-campus mail trays are located at the Front Desk.

When you need to mail items, the return address will always appear like this:

Student Activities Office
The Evergreen State College
Olympia , WA 98505
**Budget Number**

All mail MUST be from the RSO, not from an individual person or for non-group related use. Any personal or pre-stamped mail of any kind should be deposited in the blue mailbox outside the Library entrance off Red Square. If you need to use an alternative carrier such as DHL, UPS, or Fed-Ex, or have a bulk-mailing, please see your advisor. Outgoing mail deadline is 12:30pm to the mailroom. Coordinators are expected to check their mailboxes routinely, all RSO mailboxes are located in Student Activities.

If you would like your information mailed to staff and faculty, you may request that the Copy Center send your copied information directly to the mailroom for delivery. The mailroom does not deliver individual flyers to housing residents. However, you can work with the mailroom to stuff housing mailboxes. Please see your advisor for more details.


The Student Activities Office is maintained with your student fees, and this area belongs to you. It is your responsibility to help pitch-in to keep the office clean. There are no custodial services to empty trash in workstations, you are expected to use the appropriate recycling containers located throughout the Student Activities floor area. Please empty small recycling containers into these as needed. All shredded paper must be bagged and all cardboard boxes should be flattened and taken to the large container outside the Student Activities Office. Composting is available near the Front Desk inside Student Activities and also inside the Flaming Eggplant. Please arrange tables and chairs neatly when finished using the common areas of Student Activities. Remember there are others who will use these resources after you.

Air Quality

In a spirit of cooperation and caring for our fellow community members, College Policy requires a high-level of Air Quality be maintained on Campus.

These are the summarized sections for your review:

  • Selection of products for use on campus should reduce or limit exposure to air contaminants. Product selection should take into consideration factors such as effectiveness of alternatives, application process, location of use, extent of exposure, and cost.
  • The Evergreen State College supports the concept of a fragrance and pollutant-free environment on its properties and in its programs, please refrain from wearing any scented products.
  • Toxic markers (i.e. magnums) are not to be used in the Student Activities area. They stain the tables, and cause serious allergic reactions to persons in our community.

Additionally, College Policy limits smoking on campus to those areas specifically marked. Under NO circumstances is smoking permitted inside the CAB or on the 3rd floor patios.

After-Hour Access to the Student Activities Floor

During the Academic Year, Office hours are: Monday through Thursday from 8am-6pm, and Friday from 8am-5pm. During evaluation week and school breaks, including Summer, office hours are 8am-5pm Monday through Friday. The CAB is closed from Midnight to 6am, every night.

No students are permitted on the floor when the building is closed. A temporary keycard can be checked out at the Student Activities Front Desk to Coordinators for access when the CAB is open. This key must be returned within 24-hours of check-out. Please remember that sleeping in College facilities is NOT permitted. Propping of the entrance, patio or stairwell doors is PROHIBITED! Doing so breaches the safety and security of occupants and materials.

If your organization has a private office, you can be assigned a key through your advisor. At times RSOs may have spaces outside the Student Activities Office, those groups can provide a check-out key list and check-out key to the Student Activities front desk. If a name is not on the list, they will be denied key access to these offices. These students can receive training from the RSO advisor and/or the RSO coordinator regarding use of the key.

Telephones and Faxing

There are twelve RSO phones located in Student Activities, including five public phones for RSO use.

  • To call a local number, press 9 and dial the 7-digit number.
  • To call an 800 or toll-free number, press 8 and dial 800 and the 7- digit number.
  • To call a long distance number, check out the calling card from the Front Desk.

In the folder with the card is a calling card log. It is important that you record EVERY long distance call. This calling card needs to be returned immediately after use. No cards are to be kept out over night, and be cautious about where you put it while in your possession to avoid unauthorized use. You are responsible for any calls made while the card is checked out to you. 

No personal long distance or the accepting of "Collect Calls" are permitted on college telephones. If any of the calls listed on the calling card log are found to be personal, you will be required to reimburse the college for the cost of the call plus a recovery fee. Abuse of long distance calling by students may result in holds being placed on registration, academic and financial records.

By default the only private telephones in Student Activities are placed inside of the private offices. If your organization would like to request a telephone for your cubicle, this can be requested from the S&A Board. The cost is $23 per month.

RSOs with a private telephone can have voicemail on the college voicemail system. RSOs who share a phone should meet and agree on an outgoing message. Please see the Front Desk or your advisor to learn the password for your phone. The Telecommunications Office has instructions available for navigating the voicemail system.

The telephones are provided by the college in good working order, and the RSO is required to return the phone at the end of the year in similar condition. Placing stickers, making marks or other defacement to the phone may require the college to replace the phone. Phone replacement cost is $35 per unit.

If you need something faxed, please complete a fax cover sheet at the Student Activities Office Front Desk. The staff will be happy to fax for you. If your RSO needs to receive a fax, the phone number for our fax machine is: (360) 867-6697. Faxes will be sent out as soon as possible. Faxes will be returned to your mailbox once confirmed as being sent.

CAB Basement Storage

The Student Activities Administration has limited storage space available in the CAB basement cage. RSOs may store items in this space for up to one academic year. At the beginning of each Fall Quarter and at the end of Spring Quarter, the coordinator of each RSO with items stored in the basement will make an appointment with their advisor or another member of the Student Activities staff to help review those items. Any items that are no longer serviceable or needed must be disposed of or removed. The Student Activities staff will dispose of items not removed by the end of Spring Quarter.

Items may remain in storage beyond one academic year provided this review process has been followed. Any RSO that does not make this appointment or that chooses not to remove those items, will have the cost of removal charged to their upcoming budget.

TV Lounge

The TV Lounge located within the Student Activities Office. It is available by reservation for use from 8am until Midnight by RSOs interested in using the 65" HDTV, VCR, Blu-Ray, or DVD player. The reservation period may be for up to four hours per reservation. Reservations are made at the Front Desk. All applicable laws are to be followed in showing your video media. If you are unsure if your video media can be shown, please talk with your advisor. As this lounge is located in the middle of the Student Activities Office, limits on volume or media type may be made during the day to avoid disruptions to the daily business of the Student Activities Office. Advisors can help RSOs find alternative media venues as needed.

Equipment Check-Out & Requests

The following items are available for check out to your group:

  • Digital Camera (2)
  • Hot Water Kettles
  • Water coolers
  • Hot/Cold cups
  • Green Boards with Velcro letters - (6)
  • White Board with Velcro letters
  • Floor standing signs (3) (for inside use only)
  • Overhead projector
  • Popcorn Machine with popcorn supplies
  • TV/VCR/DVD on a cart (2) (for use on the floor only)
  • Whiteboard easels - (4) (for inside use only)
  • Button maker
  • Pop-up tent (2)
  • Medieval Tent
  • Event Staff Vests (18)
  • Sandwich boards (2)
  • Digital Audio Recorder (3)
  • FLIP Video Camera (1)
  • Walkie-Talkies (FRS Radios)
  • Speakerphone
  • USB Flash Drives (various sizes)

These items will be checked out only to the RSO Coordinator. Check-out equipment at the Front Desk or directly from your advisor. Unless otherwise specified, equipment is expected to be returned within 24 hours. For use of the Digital Camera, Student Activities will order prints periodically for the Scrapbook. If your group would like prints ordered for other purposes, please let your advisor know.

Green sign boards must be returned to Student Activities at the end of an evening event or before leaving campus to avoid damage and vandalism. Green Boards are intentionally lightweight and waterproof to make them easy to use. However, they cannot be checked out during windy or other poor weather days. Equipment left out - i.e. green boards left overnight on Red Square, will mean that your RSO may not be able to check them out again. Remember after using a Green Board sign, to remove the letters and put them away for the next group to use. Most equipment is available on a first come-first serve process, but please see the Front Desk if you need to make a reservation.

Basic Office Supplies

Office Supplies are available for all Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) or those going through the process with their advisor's consent. All supplies are available for check-out from the front desk, and available upon request. Please use restraint in what you take - i.e. do you really need an entire box of pens, or is one sufficient? If something is not on this list, and you need it, let us know! RSOs that need a disproportionately large amount of supplies may need to use their RSO budget to acquire the extra items.

Binder - 1", 2", 3"

 Binder clips - small  Calculator

CD / DVD Burnable Media

 Chalk (Regular & Sidewalk)  Clipboards

Correction Fluid / tape

 Envelopes - Various sizes  Erasers

Evergreen Envelopes / Letterhead

 Facial Tissues  File Folders

Glue - white, rubber cement

Glue Sticks Hanging File Folders

Highlighters - various colors

Markers - standard, wet & dry erase, various colors

Name Tags

Notepads - various sizes

Paint -various water-based colors for banner painting

Paint Brushes - various sizes


Paper - butcher block, various colors

Paper - 8.5"x11" - various colors

Paper & Card Stock
8.5"x14" - various colors

Paper - 11"x17" - various colors

Paper Clips - small, large

Paper Towels

Pens - blue, black, red

Phone Message Pads
Push Pins Rubber Bands


Scissors Single and Three Hole Punch

Sticky Notes

Staple Puller Stapler with Staples

Steno Pads

Tacks Tape (masking, blue painters, gaffers, mailing, etc...)

Tape Dispensers