Student Activities

Registered Student Organizations (RSOs)

How to Register Your Student Organization

There are a number of benefits to having a Registered Student Organization (RSO) at Evergreen. RSOs have access to supplies, space scheduling, requesting funding, advising, copying, and being included in the Student Activities Directory.

All students registering and coordinating the RSO must be currently-enrolled students at Evergreen.

There are many options available for the name of an RSO When selecting the name, remember the name cannot contain a registered trademark or phrase unless used with permission. Additionally, the name cannot contain "The Evergreen State College" or other variant. The word "Evergreen" is acceptable in an RSO name.

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For more information, read the step by step process below, or watch the "How to Start a Registered Student Organization Video."  Link to How to Start a Registered Student Organization video.

Step-by-step process to registration:

  1. See an advisor in Student Activities to discuss your plans to start a new Registered Student Organization (RSO). An advisor will talk you through the process. 
  2. Hold an interest meeting to help identify a group of students able to support the organization.
    At this meeting a
    Mission Statement will be drafted and a Coordinator should be selected to lead the RSO.  (This step is optional for RSO's who are re-registering and already funded for Fall Quarter.)
  3. The Coordinator and (3) other currently enrolled students must all attend both Getting Started and Event Planning workshops provided by the Student Activities Office.
    The students must attend the workshops together as a group and bring their validated Evergreen student ID cards and Draft Mission Statement.
    The Registration Packet required to register your group will be provided at the Getting Started workshop. It is YOUR responsibility to take this packet with you to all your workshops.
  4. This step is only for RSOs that have a budget or are interested in applying for one.  
    Coordinator(s) attend(s) a Finance workshop. If the RSO has been funded a learning allotment, the Coordinator must come prepared to fill out the Student Employment Hiring Forms (I-9 & W-4). (
    Hiring Forms ONLY apply if the Coordinator has not worked at Evergreen in the past year.
    Typically, students are required to show their valid student ID in combination with a Passport, Social Security card or birth certificate to complete the hiring forms. Original copies of your personal documents only.
  5. Schedule an appointment with your advisor to turn in your Registration Packet and answer any additional questions and complete the registration process.
    At this time your advisor will check to see if you’re missing any paperwork and help you make the first few steps as a new RSO! Remember all RSOs must re-register at the beginning of Fall Quarter.
  6. If Mid-Year Leadership changes take place, the group must consult their advisor.
    The Coordinator of the RSO should be one of the (4) trained students, if not; the new Coordinator must complete all of the re
    quired workshops prior to taking the new leadership role.

Maintaining Registered Status

Coordinators are required to submit a Student Leadership Activity Report (SLAR) twice each quarter and provide updated contact information as it changes. Additionally, make sure to show your advisor your updated student ID verification at the beginning of each academic quarter.

RSO Inactivity Policy

After an RSO is registered it is the expectation of an RSO to communicate their activity to their Advisor and the Student Activities Office on a regular basis. As the Student Activities Office actively promotes all RSOs, it is important to identify which RSOs are active and which have gone inactive. This allows Student Activities to reallocate resources and ensure that all RSOs being promoted to students are fully active and serving the needs of their constituents.

An active RSO is defined as one that is meeting regularly and in which there is a trained and recognized student coordinator. The primary indicator of activity for an RSO is the regular filing of a Student Leadership Activities Report (SLAR) twice each quarter. After a period of suspected inactivity the Student Activities Office will provide written notice to the RSO's mailbox. At this time, the RSO can respond and continue active status. If the RSO does not provide communication of its activity, the RSO will be removed from the active list. Being removed from the active list will result in the RSO being removed from publications and the coordinators removed from access lists. If the RSO returns after it has been formally removed from the active list, the RSO will be required to re-register with Student Activities by starting the registration process over again.

Funded RSOs are expected to remain active during any quarter for which that group has been funded by the S&A Board. If at any time the RSO becomes inactive and after notice is provided to the inactive RSO, the Assistant Director of Student Activities will submit a recommendation to the S&A Board that funds remaining in the RSO budget during the period of inactivity be reallocated to the Special Initiative Fund.

Losing Registered Status

The Evergreen State College, through the Student Activities Office, reserves the right to revoke or suspend registration or deny use of certain college facilities and resources, for disciplinary reasons, to any RSO.

Disciplinary reasons shall include, but are not limited to:

  • Failure of a student organization to conduct its affairs in a manner consistent with college rules and regulations, or if an RSO is found to be in violation of local, state, or federal laws or treaties.
  • Failure of a student organization to comply with rules, regulations, and policies of any Evergreen facility when conducting activities, or actions which result in loss or damage to an Evergreen facility.
  • Restriction of membership on the basis of race, color, religion, age, sex, national origin, disability, sexual orientation or status as Disabled Veteran or Vietnam Era Veteran.
  • Activities of an RSO's members or guests which violate or otherwise fail to abide by The Evergreen State College rules, regulations, and policies or local, state and federal laws or treaties.
  • Failure of an RSO to promptly meet its legitimate financial obligations.

Disciplinary Action Against a Student Organization

The extent and terms of disciplinary action taken by the Student Activities Office will depend upon the nature and severity of the infraction as well as any history of previous violations. In any case, the coordinator(s) of the organization will be notified in writing of any complaints or violations within ten (10) working days of receipt of complaint or notice of violation by the Assistant Director of Student Activities. In the written notification, the organization's coordinator(s) will be advised of a deadline to schedule a meeting with the Assistant Director of Student Activities. Failure to respond will result in disciplinary action based solely on the content of the complaint. After review of both complaint and the response/explanation of the student organization, the Assistant Director will notify the student organization in writing of any action taken and the terms and conditions of such action. Potential actions include:

Disciplinary Action Action Taken Duration of Action
Warning Formal notice of violation, with no penalties imposed. N/A

Notification of violation may result in the loss of some
privileges such as use of facilities. Further violations
may result in suspension.

Minimum of (1) full quarter
Suspension As a result of serious intentional, or
repeated violations, registered status
may be revoked. Student organization
loses all privileges of registered status,
including use of facilities, use of office
space, mailbox and S&A fee funding.
Minimum of (1) full academic year

Some examples of serious violations include damage to The Evergreen State College facilities; failure to adhere to college facility regulations on admission charges/cash handling, alcohol/drug use; compromising campus or building security; failure to take action when advised of a policy/procedure violation while conducting an on-campus activity; violations of the law; misuse of organization funds or college resources and failure to fulfill terms of probation or suspension.

An organization which has had its registration revoked may apply for reinstatement after their term of suspension is completed. Petitions for reinstatement are to be submitted to the Assistant Director of Student Activities.

Appeal Procedures

Step 1: Organization may appeal disciplinary actions by providing a written rationale for the appeal to the Director of Student Activities Administration within ten (10) working days following the effective date of the action being appealed. A meeting will be scheduled with the Director of Student Activities to review the appeal. Within ten (10) working days following this meeting, the appealing organization will be notified in writing of the decision by the Director of Student Activities.

Step 2: If an organization whose registration has been revoked or which has been denied registered status or use of certain Evergreen facilities for disciplinary reasons wishes to appeal the decision of the Director of Student Activities, the organization may request a meeting with the Dean of Students and Academic Support Services (SASS). Such requests are to be made to the Dean of SASS in writing within ten (10) working days following the written decision by the Director of Student Activities Administration. A meeting with the Dean of SASS will be scheduled to hear the appeal.

Step 3: Within ten (10) working days of this meeting, the Dean of SASS will notify the organization of the final decision.