Student Activities

RSO Technology Resources

Computers can be one of the most effective tools an RSO can use. They can be used as a promotional and communication tool as well as an efficient way for archiving valuable organizational information for future use and reference. There are several options available to RSOs when it comes to computing resources. Read on to find out more about these options and how you and your RSO can access each of them. RSOs are required to follow the "Appropriate Use of Information Technology Resources" College Policy: "This appropriate use policy balances campus community needs for flexibility and exploration with Evergreen's need for secure and reliable IT systems. In order to ensure a reasonable and dependable level of service, it is essential that each member of the campus community exercise responsible, ethical behavior when using these resources."

Technology Policy Highlights:

  • Computing resources cannot be used for commercial or campaign work or for personal financial gain.
  • The Evergreen State College reserves the right, without notice, to limit or restrict individual use and hours of operation; to inspect, copy, or remove data, files, or system resources; and to log and audit activities on computing systems.
  • The Evergreen State College disclaims responsibility for loss of data, individual account data contents, and unauthorized activities.
  • Computing resources are provided to currently enrolled students ONLY.
  • A student's data, existing in an academic computer account, will be released to a third party only when required by law rather than not being released only when prohibited by law.
  • No duplication of copyrighted material is permissible. (Under guidelines of Title 17 of the U.S. code). Violators may lose computing access privileges and be subject to further discipline. No copyrighted software may be placed on any hard disk system without written authorization from the copyright owner.
  • Computing resource user or account holder agrees to abide by current rules and procedures for utilization of computing resources available through Academic computing; the resource user or account holder agrees to abide by all of the rules and policies established by The Evergreen State College and Computing & Communications. Further, the user or account holder will hold account or resource access and usage and not loan or authorize any other person usage of the resource or account through any means. Failure to comply will result in immediate termination of the account and contents and loss of computing access privileges.

Workroom Media Center

The Media Center is located in the workroom in the Student Activities area and contains three computers, scanner, and a printer for RSO use. Student members can use these computers for designing flyers, brochures, and other student group literature, as well as to access their RSO e-mail accounts and other resources. If this is your first time using our computers, please have one of our advisors show you how to login and use the computers.

Our Media Center has the following guidelines:

  1. RSO business has top priority. The computers can be used for occasional student academic use when there is no other demand.
  2. No food or drink is allowed near the computers. Water and water bottles are permitted.
  3. The printer is for RSO business only. Do not print academic or other projects on this printer.
  4. Computing resources cannot be used for commercial or referendum issues.
  5. When there are other student groups needing access to the computers, students are asked to limit their use to a maximum of 30 minutes.
  6. Do not update, add, or delete any software that is currently on the computers without permission from your advisor. Doing so places the computer at risk. Please DO NOT download or run programs from untrusted sources.
  7. Store files on a USB drive, or create a folder for your work. Please note, the hard drives are cleaned twice a year and all saved files may be deleted.
  8. Notify the Front Desk staff promptly in the event of a computer problem.
  9. USB Flash Drives are available for checkout. See the front desk.
Troubleshooting the Printer
  1. Be sure that you are actually logged onto the computer using your Evergreen ID and password. Just because it's on, does not mean it's connected to the network system. If you are not at a login screen, please logout the previous user.
  2. Be sure you have selected the right printer.
  3. Be sure that you are asking it to print on 8.5x11 or legal size paper. Any odd sized paper will cause a refusal on the part of the printer. If you need to print large format, ask the advisors for help. The color printer ("The Beast") is available to print 11"x17" paper.
  4. If it does not print, DO NOT continue to push "print" in hopes that it will print. It probably won't. It may not print because someone in front of you has sent something to the computer that will not print. Ask the front desk to clear the queue.
  5. Some programs or documents are too large and will not print to the printer. If that's the case, you'll have to take your document to print elsewhere.
  6. If the printer has a paper jam, ask the front desk to clear it.
  7. If all else fails, put your document on a USB flash drive and the front desk will be happy to print it for you.

Using the Color Printer, "The Beast!"

All flyers to be printed on the color printer must contain the name of the RSO sponsoring the event and RSO contact information. Documents will first be printed on the black and white printer located in the Workroom Media Center. At that point, the document should be proofed thoroughly to insure against error. The B&W copy should be shown to the front desk or the RSO advisor. Once satisfied with the quality of the document, proceed with printing on the color printer. Given the large difference in operating expenses to operate the Color Printer, please use the guidelines below to understand when it’s appropriate to send a print job to the Color Printer.

Printer Guidelines:

  1. Use the B/W Printer for Most Jobs
    Ask yourself, can this job be printed in grayscale? Printing a document with graphics or color should be evaluated regarding the benefit of the job being printed in color.
  2. Print Double-Sided
    This is a duplexing printer. Please print double sided, especially text documents. While it doesn’t save toner, it does save paper. Toner Saturation: When deciding on a design, please be aware that lighter text on a dark background uses more toner, than darker text on a lighter background. When possible, please design flyers that use darker text on a lighter background.
  3. Making Original Color Flyers or Creations
    The Color Printer is primarily for use to make original public flyers for events, or color elements for bulletin boards and other public displays.
  4. Copies of Color Flyers
    This should be limited to 40 prints per event 8.5x11, OR 20 copies for 11x17 per event.
  5. Information, Forms & Training Packets 
    The Color Printer should not be used for making general copies of information or training packets. Please use the copy machine forgeneral copies, it is not a cost effective use of the printer budget to make handouts and information packets in color. If your packet has a chart or other document that is significantly enhanced by color, then just print that page using the Color printer; use the B/W printer or copier for the other pages.
  6. Need more?
    Need more color copies than our printer budget can absorb? Please use the copy center and bill to the appropriate budget. Hopefully, these guidelines can make every print count on the Color Printer, in a way that balances the benefit “The Beast” can provide with keeping the toner costs manageable.

RSO Computer Accounts

Evergreen e-mail accounts are an excellent way for coordinators to receive correspondence and inquiries from group members and other interested individuals. By setting up an email account, student groups can have an easily identifiable email address that can be used year after year. In addition to a group email, we can also support requests for a listserv, website, wiki, blog, Moodle, Drupal, and network drive space.

Coordinators of RSOs and S&A fee-funded groups may request a network account. Only the coordinator, or her/his designate, may sign for this account. Please note: Authorized students must have an existing individual Evergreen account in order to use an RSO alias. RSO accounts must be renewed annually. Unused computer accounts will be removed from The Evergreen State College  network if the RSO does not re-register by the end of Fall Quarter.

The RSO and the account user/holder are expected to comply with all college policies as well as federal, state and local laws governing such areas as copyrights, prohibitions against political campaigning with state resources, and prohibitions against pornography. In addition, RSO homepages cannot be used for commercial purposes. These policies shall apply to any links created from an RSO homepage to another. To request a new account, complete the application for RSO Computing Services and give to your advisor.

Please reference the list of all current RSOs with web resources.