Student Activities

RSO Travel

Requesting funding / Receiving approval for Travel

RSOs occasionally need to travel to conferences and opportunities that are off-campus, or at one of the campus programs outside the Olympia main campus. All travel requires prior approval of the S&A Board, regardless of whether the Board is directly funding the Travel. Please see the Finance section for more information about paying for your trip.

The following criteria must be met for requesting Travel:

  • All travel funded with S&A funds must be reviewed and approved by the S&A Board and meet S&A Board guidelines. Students must work with their advisor to fill out a Tentative Travel Worksheet and present it to the Board with their request.
  • All travel requests must be given with ample time. For example, trips with more complex compenents like traveling by air, long distance trips, and trips with many people may need to be approved by the S&A Board three months before hand. Please see the RSO Travel Guildelines Worksheet for more information.
  • All travel requests must be for travel within the United States or the Canadian Province of British Columbia.
  • Travel should be consistent with the Mission Statement of the RSO requesting travel funds.
  • Those traveling must be currently enrolled students during the time of travel.
  • The Evergreen student body must be given information about the opportunity to participate.
  • Groups may also request of the S&A Board a transfer from their Goods and Services to the Travel area of the RSO budget.
  • When considering a travel purpose and destination, consider that more students can typically participate in local travel by college vans than in opportunities that require air travel.
  • While traveling, the RSO and it's travelers are seen to represent not only the organization, but Student Activities and The Evergreen State College as a whole. Stay safe and represent your fellow students well. Additional information can also be found in the Finance section.

Evergreen Motor Pool

RSOs may reserve a vehicle for travel only if the S&A Board has approved the specific trip within their budget. Vehicles may be checked out from 8am to 4pm Monday through Friday, so at times it is required to check out keys for a vehicle a day in advance if the vehicle is needed on a weekend. All van requests must be submitted to the RSO advisor a minimum of five business days prior to the travel taking place. The Motor Pool is located in the NW corner of the Maintenance Yard on Driftwood Road adjacent to the College. Passengers are limited to faculty, staff, and registered students of The Evergreen State College. Many academic programs and groups use the college vans to travel, so it is advantageous to reserve in as far in advance as possible to ensure that your trip can be accomodated. It's possible that even with advance planning a vehicle may not be available.

Any parking or moving citation received by an individual while operating a state, institution, or commercially rented vehicle is the sole responsibility of the individual cited. Any damage to a Motor Pool vehicle will automatically suspend the RSOs ability to travel until all fines and damage costs have been cleared.

A Washington State Travel Authority document must be prepared before the RSO can proceed to the Motor Pool to pick up the vehicle. Please see your advisor on how to complete a Travel Authority. RSOs are responsible for following all Motor Pool Policies, including the requirements to be a registered driver. Please remember, a cancellation fee of $25 will be assessed for reservations canceled less than 24 hours in advance.

Making Motor Pool Vehicle Reservations

Your advisor will make the final reservation. However, to obtain a price quote or check vehicle availability, please contact the Motor Pool with the following information:

  1. Departure date and time
  2. Return date and time
  3. Destination
  4. Number of Passengers
  5. Name of Drivers (two per vehicle)
  6. Budget Number
Evergreen State College Motor Pool Vehicles
  • Mid-Sized Cargo Van
  • 8 Passenger Van (larger van with room for large luggage)
  • 11 or 12 Passenger Van
  • Passenger School Bus includes a driver (rented from an external contractor)
State Motor Pool Vehicles

In the event of low inventory at the Evergreen Motor Pool, we can make reservations at the State Motor Pool in Lacey.

  • Hybrid and Sedan Passenger Cars
  • 7, 8 & 12 Passenger Van
  • 12 Passenger Van with electric wheelchair lift
  • Mini & Maxi Cargo Van (Seats 2)

Current information for State Motor Pool vehicles can be checked by referring to the Department of General Administration. Please remember that only Motor Pool staff can contact and make reservations with the State Motor Pool.