Our Staff

Come visit us on the third floor of the CAB! You can also call us at 867-6220 or contact individual staff members at their email below.

Alexis Cariello, Student Organizations Advisor


Alexis is so excited to be working in Student Activities with the amazing student organizations of Evergreen. An east coast native, in 2010 Alexis received her Masters of Social Work from Columbia University in NYC, and has worked in various traditional social work capacities. She is most motivated and inspired by community and collective leadership, and committed to equity in our institutions and creativity in individuals. She is impressed by Evergreen’s commitment to self-exploration and personal development, and looks forward to engaging  students to build community and make the world a better place.

Kayla Mahnke, Student Organizations Advisor


Kayla is the newest advisor in Student Activities and loves the autonomy and respect that students receive from the staff at Evergreen. An Evergreen graduate, Kayla is Washington-grown and loves the Pacific Northwest with her whole heart including all of the PNW clichés: excellent coffee, wool clothing, ferry boats, rivers & ocean, trees, all of it. She loves good, clean food and managed two small farmers markets in the South Sound prior to her work at Evergreen.

Tom Mercado, Director


Tom has been the Director since the fall of 1991. As the Director, he oversees the Student Activities Office, Campus Children's Center, Cooper Point Journal, KAOS-FM and the student activities operations at the Tacoma and Reservation Based Programs. Prior to coming to Evergreen, he worked in the student/campus activities offices of the University of Washington and the University of Houston-University Park. He's a graduate of Humboldt State University and a former Peace Corps volunteer in Guatemala.

Emily Pieper, Assistant Director


Emily Pieper is a graduate of Evergreen herself and as a student spent much of her time working with various student groups on campus as well as supporting other on and off campus community organizations. Prior to working at Evergreen, Emily worked as the Program Director for a local grassroots nonprofit, Stonewall Youth. She is particularly interested in supporting students to find connections between the work they are doing in Student Activities to make the campus thrive and how it can affect and support the larger community outside of Evergreen. She is very excited to be working with such a variety of creative and inspired students!

Greg Porter, Productions Advisor


Greg is Productions Advisor in Student Activities Administration and Coordinator of S&A Productions. He has worked in these capacities at Evergreen since 1997. As Productions Advisor he advises student groups and sits on various event committees throughout the campus. As Coordinator of S&A Productions he organizes large stage events for the Evergreen campus. He hires approximately 14 students as Productions Assistants each year who learn about and gain practical experience in event productions. Additionally, Greg hires and trains the Geoduck Guides for the Orientation program. Prior to coming to Evergreen, he worked in public school education for 9 years providing music education to more than 50 school districts.

Jodi Santillie, Senior Advisor


Jodi graduated from Western Illinois University in May 2013, earning a Masters of Science in College Student Personnel. Born in Washington and raised in Oregon, Jodi is happy to be back in the Pacific Northwest, and excited to start her student affairs career at Evergreen! She looks forward to learning just as much (if not more) from the students she advises as they learn from her.

Andrea Vanden Bossche, Publications Advisor


Andrea Vanden Bossche has a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from Eastern Washington University. In addition to advising the Cooper Point Journal staff on matters of writing, media law, and editing, Andrea also advises other student created publications, from blogs to zines to experimental online video game literature. For the past five years, Andrea has been a freelance journalist specializing in writing about video games, anime, pop culture, and art in general, particularly those that are queer focused and independently developed, and continues to do so whenever there is free time (and would really love it if anyone wanted to create a group about queer and indie games).