Before you apply, review admissions requirements for:

  • Freshmen: High school seniors, and high school graduates with fewer than 40 transferable quarter credits earned at the time of application. View Freshman Admissions Requirements.
  • Transfer Students: Applicants who have completed 40 or more transferable quarter credits at the time of application. Includes Tacoma & Tribal Programs. Evergreen has a generous transfer policy; read about how we evaluate credits. View Transfer Admissions Requirements.

Other Applicants

Home School applicants are evaluated on an individual basis. Your Home School education documents, and ACT or SAT scores are required for this evaluation. You must also submit official high school transcripts and/or official college transcripts, if applicable. Letters of Recommendation from school district educators or college professors, who can address your academic preparation, are welcome. Letters of recommendation should be limited to one page each. Read Freshman Requirements for additional information.

GED Applicants
The GED updated the way the subject tests are scored in January 2014. Therefore:

  • if you took the GED before January 2014, your percentile rank on all subject tests must be in the 60th percentile.
  • if you took the GED after December 2013, the minimum test score is 150 on all subject tests.

ACT or SAT scores are also required. Generally a composite ACT score of 21 or an SAT score of 990 (critical reading and math scores) is desired.

Freshman applicants who completed a high school proficiency exam should submit official test scores. ACT or SAT test scores are also required from applicants who are under 25 years of age at the time of application. Freshman applicants with the proficiency exam who are 25 years of age or older, can submit the official test scores and an Application Statement (PDF) and résumé.

Freshman applicants who are 25 years old or older must submit official transcripts but may substitute an Application Statement (PDF) ) and résumé instead of ACT or SAT scores. View Freshman Requirements for additional information. Or, explore other study opportunities for Adult Students

Former Evergreen Students planning to return after withdrawing or taking a leave of absence of more than four quarters must complete the application process and submit official transcripts from all institutions attended since Evergreen. More information for returning Evergreen students. Or, go to the online application login.

International Undergraduate Students Admission requirements and instructions.