Alumni Entrepreneurs

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Alumni Entrepreneurs

Deena Manis, BA, 1984


Long Life Beeswax Candles FINE~ART~LIGHT

Type of Business

Eco/Sculptural/Handcrafted - Beeswax Candles

Dates of Operation

1991 to Present

Contact Information

Pike Place Public Market - Seatle, WA

FINE ~ ART ~ LIGHT Gallery  - Olympia, WA


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Description of Buisness or Organization

Small Cottage Industry - Studio Setting on the edge of beautiful Puget Sound.  We have created hundreds of original designs handcrafted in 100% local, natural  beeswax which are sculptural, functional and ecologically sound.  We have developed and honed a unique method of Dipping ~ Twisting ~ Braiding ~ Weaving to create "never before seen" FINE ~ ART ~ LIGHT giving candle designs which aim to illuminate and inspire!    ~ We hope our candles will become a part of your daily, seasonal and special celebrations and will fill your home with many hours of warmth and natural light ~

How did Evergreen prepare you for your professional life?

Evergreen's cutting edge approach to learning opened me to a world of opportunity if I was willing to apply myself and motivate my visions and goals into action. I was able to explore who I was as an artist and to grow within an educational community which valued and encouraged those that wanted to step and think "outside of the box".  I am grateful for having the Evergreen experience; it has helped me in becoming who I am personally and professionally and to persevere as a life long learner.