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Alumni Entrepreneurs

William “Win” W. Blodgett, BA, 1986


Holland Pump

Type of Business

Manufacturing, Sales, Service, Rentals

Date of Operation


Contact Information

7312 Westport Place
West Palm Beach, FL 33414

Email William

(561) 697-3333

Description of Business, Organization, Invention

Holland Pump Company was originally founded in 1978 as Holland Pump Mfg, Inc. A family owned business, Holland Pump manufactures sells, rents, and services pumps and accessories. Originally headquartered in West Palm Beach , Holland grew to have 11 satellite rental/sales/service offices throughout Florida and the Southeast. In 2004, Holland Pump relocated it’s corporate and manufacturing facilities to a 35,000 SF building and 6+ acre plant in Brunswick, GA. The manufacturing subsidiary is called Holland Pump Mfg of Georgia. Additionally, there is Holland Pump Company of Virginia, and Lobestar which distributes pumps nationwide and internationally. Holland Pump Mfg. of Georgia manufactures:

  • Hydraulically Driven Pumps (HDS) from 2”-30”
  • Axial Flow Pumps to 22,000 GPM
  • Jet Pump from 4” to 8”
  • Suction Lift Pumps from 3”-18”
  • Wellpoint Pumps from 4”-12”
  • Accessories

These pumps are both engine driven and electrically driven. They are available with a wide variety of options including sound attenuation, controls including telemetry monitoring, GPS, and remote auto start/ stop and accessories. In addition, we have a large variety of hoses, fittings, engine parts, pump parts, etc. We are a distributor or OEM for many products.

Evergreen helped prepare me for my professional life in the following way

As a quint-essential hippie type, my Evergreen experience did little to prepare me for business per se. However, my academic exerience taught me how to access knowledge and gave me good verbal, writing, research, and organizational skills which have definitely helped my business experience. I have been with Holland for 10 years and serve as President of Holland Pump Company