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Alumni Entrepreneurs

Melissa Boyer, BA, 1994


Home Body

Type of Business

Body Care and Spa

Contact Information

416-1/2 Washington St SE
Olympia, WA 98501

(360) 943-5810

Description of Business, Organization, Invention

Our goal at Home Body, Eco-Luxe Living is to provide luxurious, exclusive products that are both stylish & sustainable. We feel that objects in our lives should elevate and enhance our experience, from the cleanser you use, to the cup you drink your morning brew from. My husband, Kevin, and I are enthused to put forth our version of a natural, posh lifestyle. To us, being "green" isn't a task, sacrifice or just a trendy movement, it's our way of living. We believe that small, simple changes in daily practices can grow to create real change. While perfect choices are rarely possible, we embrace making conscious choices as consumers. And when you know that something is good for you as well as the world around you, it just feels... well, good.