Alumni Entrepreneurs

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Alumni Entrepreneurs

Jakob Bueche, BA


Smart House, LLC

Type of Business

affordable housing development, infill development using highly efficient homes paired with ADU's. (Accessory Dwelling Units)

Contact Information

842 Washington St. ste 103
Port Townsend, WA

Email Jakob

(360) 344-3694

Description of business, organization, invention

We offer design services, plan-sets, and constructed buildings that implement our smart house strategy. Our strategy offers an affordable solution to curb sprawl type development by using Accessory Dwelling Units to create rental income for the home-owner. The key to this strategy is that the ADU rents for more than it costs to finance. This requires a low cost/ high value ADU as well as desirable urban placement.

Evergreen helped prepare me for my professional life in the following way

The interdisciplinary education I received at Evergreen allows me to design for economic, social, and environmental sustainability.