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Alumni Entrepreneurs

Matt Heaton, BA, 2000


Timu Corp.
ActiveRain Corp.

Type of Business

Social Networking Sports
Social Networking Real Estate

Date of Operation


Contact Information

20616 13th Dr. SE
Bothell, WA  98012

(425) 894-6658

Not an Ending But a Change

Change is one of those inevitable things in life. Today brings yet another one of those inevitable changes, as I am officially moving on from my current role with ActiveRain.

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with the ActiveRain team, and all of the members, to build ActiveRain to what it is today. Right now, I have an opportunity in front of me that is too good to pass up. I will be founding a new, yet-to-be-announced social networking/media startup outside of the real estate industry. Similar to with ActiveRain and real estate, I see a very large market that has some unique problems in need of a solution and and it's shocking no one has previously put all of the pieces together. You will be hearing much more about it soon enough, and I look forward to being able to build something as passionately as I have been able to help build with ActiveRain.

While I will be officially moving on from my current role with ActiveRain, I will continue to have an active role with the company, working on various projects. You will still see me around as I plan on attending as many of the industry events and gatherings as I can going forward. I have also been asked to remain on the Board of ActiveRain and will continue in that capacity. I look forward to making continuing contributions to ActiveRain as it continues its exciting progress – not just because I'm one of the company’s largest shareholders but because I love the community.