Alumni Entrepreneurs

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Alumni Entrepreneurs

Teri Hein, BA, 1976


826 Seattle / Greenwood Space Travel Supply

Type of Business

non-profit Youth Writing Center Disguised as a Space Travel Supply Company

Date of Operation


Contact Information

Greenwood Ave. N
Seattle, WA 98103

Email Teri

(206) 725-2625

Description of business, organization, invention

at 826 Seattle we believe that the ability to express oneself effectively in writing opens large doors. We offer free of charge to young people a myriad of programs to help them write better. All of this is done behind our space travel supply storefront – simply put, the foremost purveyor of space travel supplies in the universe. Teri Hein (Evergreen alum) founded the youth writing program Studio 26 which was quickly invited to become a part of the 826 National collection of chapters founded by author Dave Eggers. Each of the seven chapters nationally offers the same writing programs for young people, all hidden behind supply stores.

Evergreen helped prepare me for my professional life in the following way

It taught me to appreciate the pleasure in breaking unimportant rules. I am usually willing to go to the mat for the right reasons. I don’t take myself too seriously. I was a fairly average kid from a wheat farming town in eastern Washington when I arrived at Evergreen – a place that convinced me I could do anything I wanted - even as a fairly average kid. And I have. I think all of these things were supported, encouraged and/or overlooked while at Evergreen....a place I arrived to at age 17....a formative time, to say the least.