Alumni Entrepreneurs

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Alumni Entrepreneurs

Jennifer Kuhns, BA, 1993


Cosmic Blue Monkey Designs

Type of Business

Interior Design Art

Date of Operation


Contact Information

261 Porter Creek Road, Elma, WA 98541

Email Jennifer

(360) 870-0656

Description of Business, Organization, Invention

Fine art mosaic panels and custom architectural installation for homes and businesses.

Evergreen helped prepare me for my professional life in the following way

Evergreen helped me to learn how to act independently, rather than simply following directions. I was encouraged to follow the tangents of my wandering interests, which took me through examination of many cultural traditions and a retracing of the evolution of religion throughout recorded history. The themes that I studied continue to inform my artistic vision, and that ability to seek and find my own solutions has been invaluable as I navigate the art world. Also, Doranne Crable remained a role model for me for many years during and after college, sharing her unique insight, giving me new perspectives on each situation I encountered.