Alumni Entrepreneurs

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Alumni Entrepreneurs

Terese Palaia, BA, 1982


Blue Moon Garden and Nursery LLC

Type of Business

Retail Greenhouse / Nursery

Contact Information

1732 S Inland Empire Way
Spokane, WA 98224

(509) 747-4255

Description of business, organization, invention

“Blue Moon Garden and Nursery is a full service nursery and garden center just southwest of downtown Spokane. True to our motto: "Nice plants, nice people", we proudly offer a wide selection of healthy annuals, perennials, trees, shrubs and native plants at a reasonable price.

Most of what we offer is grown right here at Blue Moon. We choose what to grow according to what out Interior northwest climate prescribes. Sustainability, or choosing plants based on the dictates of our climate and by what is offered naturally in a specific planting area, is key to being a successful gardener. That doesn´t mean you can´t have a beautiful, interesting landscape. You simply won´t need to use a ton of resources to make your plants happy.

We are friendly, knowledgeable, conscientious people, who think you´ll find Blue Moon to be a pleasant change from plant shopping at places where plants (and often customer service) are not the main consideration. We are enthusiastic in our goal of wanting you to be successful in your garden endeavors and have a good time doing it. So come on in, sit by the pond, listen to the trains, browse to your heart´s content, and let us help you pick the right plants for the right places.”