Alumni Entrepreneurs

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Alumni Entrepreneurs

Mimi Pettibone, BA, 1989


The Dream Detective

Type of Business

Dream Interpretation and Education

Date of Operation

1993 - Present

Contact Information

Seattle, WA 98117

(206) 328-6464

Description of Business, Organization, Invention

I was first introduced to dream work at The Evergreen State College through a dream group in 1989, and now I am passionate about teaching others the value of working with their dreams. A far cry from fortune telling or 'interpreting' as one would comment about a painting in a museum, there is a real art and science to understanding the meaning of our dreams. They hold very practical insights and applicable solutions to our daily life, and being able to tap into this can provide a wealth of information to improve a person’s life. Dreams can provide answers to difficult questions, give new perspectives on relationships and circumstances, and even generate creative ideas. I love to educate people about their dreams by holding dream groups and workshops, consulting 1:1, and being a radio guest to spread the word even further.