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Alumni Entrepreneurs

Bob Phillips, BA, 1986


Bob Phillips Music

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Music Composition, Recording and Production

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535 17th Ave E Unit 102
Seattle, WA 98112

(206) 422-7848

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Bob and Pam Phillips offer motivational and innovative educational programs for string teachers and students from around the country. Bob Phillips is an expert in all aspects of string education. He has achieved national renown as a composer, string pedagogue and conductor. In addition, Bob is a string editor for Alfred Publishing. Pam Phillips wears many hats serving as a producer, manager, assistant teacher and consultant.

Publications include over 40 performance pieces, the String Explorer method, the Philharmonic Series: Fiddlers, Fiddlers Encore, Jazz, Jazz Second Set and Mariachi, all with Alfred Publishing. With Bob Gillespie, Bob and Pam have produced the well-recieved String Clinics to Go DVD Series!

Phillips family clinics and workshops are full of practical, hands on information and always full of excitement. General topics include Keynote and Plenary Sessions, Pedagogy and Practice, String Alternatives and From the Podium.”