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Alumni Entrepreneurs

Jason Powers, BA, 2000


Type Foundry, LLC

Type of Business

Recording Studio

Date of Operation


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2119 N Kerby, Ste. A
Portland, OR

Mailing address:
5216 SE salmon
Portland, OR 97215

(503) 284-1892

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In late 2000 Jason Powers moved down from Olympia, WA and became a partner with Adam. Soon thereafter, we were forced to move, and after three months in storage the studio was relocated to its current home, a sizable warehouse space tucked away in an industrial area of North Portland. In 2002, A year or so after settling into the new space, Jeremy Romagna, a co-founder of the now defunct Portland Robot Steakhouse joined on as the third engineer. The most recent addition, making Type Foundry a four engineer cooperative, is Dylan Magierek, formerly of Closer Recording, another collective studio in San Francisco, and also the head of Badman Recording Co.. Dylan's arrival catalyzed a major studio upgrade, in which we purchased our Trident Series 70 console, added tons of new gear, and shut down for two months in the summer of 2006 to build a 3rd tracking room.

Collectively we have worked with a wide variety of artists from the Portland independent music world, as well as many internationally known musicians and record labels.

Evergreen helped prepare me for my professional life in the following way

By encouraging critical and independent thinking. I also learned a lot about audio engineering there.