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Alumni Entrepreneurs

Ben Robertson and Andrew SennaBen Robertson, BA, 2003
Andrew Senna, BA, 2004


Aphonia Recordings

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Record Label

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411 Bellevue Ave East #204
Seattle, WA 98102

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Aphonia Recordings is an independent recording label & production company that specializes in the release & promotion of experimental music, sound art, & the more bizarre aspects of pop music. Founded in late 2006 by Ben L. Robertson and Andrew Senna in Seattle, Washington, Aphonia Recordings has inherited and fostered a healthy community of performers, artists and sound artists from across the Seattle area and beyond.

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Determined to release interesting and challenging music from several genres, the label seeks to claim a niche in the burgeoning of independent labels and artists. Aphonia Recordings promotes and produces a monthly artists showcase that has included many artists both on and off the label. It is a tireless advocate of community based festivals such as the Occultural Music Festival and the Olympia Experimental Music Festival, usually having a large number of its artists perform and contribute to the festivals.

Most of all Aphonia Recordings promotes the notion that art in music produces alternative world views that foster critical and creative thought in abstract and not-so-abstract terms. Music that would otherwise be obscured in the deluge of digital noise permeating through the internet and the radio waves, have been culled and collected into a diverse set of artists.  To facilitate the release of material that might not otherwise see the light of day, we offer our entire catalogue of recordings in a digital format. The consumer can listen to, purchase, download, and burn entire albums, complete with printable artwork & other supplementary material.

Evergreen helped prepare me for my professional life

Our experience at Evergeen provided us with both the media-related skills & collaborative opportunities that paved the way for the creation of Aphonia Recordings.  In addition, a number of our artists happen to be Evergreen grads, including:  The Precambrian (founders: Ben Robertson & Andrew Senna), Desolation Wilderness (Nicolaas Zwart), Derek M. Johnson, Marriage & Cancer (Erin Schmidt), Daedelum (Ryan Leeds), Myello (Daniel Farrell), and Unicorns in the Snow (Julia Vering).