Alumni Entrepreneurs

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Alumni Entrepreneurs

Jen Ryle, BA, 2006The Cast


Olympia Family Theater

Type of Business

Non profit community theater

Date of Operation

Oct 2006- present

Contact Information

1417 Brawne Ave NSamantha and Jen
Olympia WA 98502

Email Jen

(360) 570-1638

Description of business, organization, invention

Olympia Family Theater presents a thoughtfully selected season of plays for young audiences in our community. Our performances and community activities will allow us to educate as well as entertain as we explore complex themes and important issues through the magic of theater.

Evergreen helped prepare me for my professional life in the following way

I had started my college career almost 20 years earlier, then put my formal studies on hold to have a family. At Evergreen, I was able to embrace my past learning and creatively integrate my experiences to pursue my academic and professional goals. I was able to tailor my coursework perfectly to my needs. I divided my time by participating in programs focused on the expressive arts, education and business, with the goal in mind of starting a local children's theater. Just 4 short months after graduating, we had our first production up and running and we haven't stopped since.