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Alumni Entrepreneurs

Nancy SigafoosNancy Sigafoos, BA, 1984


Sigafoos & Witcher

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Counseling and Publishing

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Dear Violet: letter from a desert grave© 2007 Sigafoos & Witcher Publishing

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114 North Capitol Way
Olympia, WA 98501

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(360) 943-5430

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Sigafoos & Witcher has 2 main areas of focus; mental health counseling and publishing. The mental health practice features Nancy Sigafoos and Tina Witcher-Sigafoos, both Masters level counselors with specialties in GLBT issues, HIV, and services for clients whose mental health needs are "outside the box". The practice offers Life Coaching and Hypnotherapy as well as traditional talk therapy.

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Sigafoos & Witcher Publishing was created as an independent way to put our creative work out into the world. Olympia being the "indie" capital of the world inspired us to use our own talent and resources to publish, and eventually produce feature presentations.