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Alumni Entrepreneurs

Todd Slind, BA, 1992


Spatial Development International, LLC

Type of Business

Geospatial Technology Consulting

Contact Information

2208 NW Market Street
Suite 202
Seattle, WA 98107

(206) 369-0977

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Description of Business or Organization

Spatial Development International (SpatialDev for short) was started out of a desire to deliver right-sized technical solutions to clients around the world. SpatialDev members have over 30 years of combined experience building and implementing complex systems. The sweet spot for our new start-up company is combining our traditional enterprise GIS implementation experience with our knowledge of emerging geospatial platforms.

At SpatialDev we see a gap between the traditional GIS tools and new technology and approaches of integration, openness and the emerging Geoweb. We have a desire to deliver innovative solutions that bring together traditional GIS tools along with leading and bleeding edge geospatial technology.

We are technology agnostic and have experience working with a variety of tools and platforms both Open Source and proprietary. There is now an extraordinary opportunity to bring new approaches and platforms for geospatial technology and information to developing economies, while at the same time applying local African developer talent and techniques to projects in North America and Europe.

How did Evergreen prepare you for your professional life?

Evergreen trained me to be a system thinker and to have the confidence and courage to tackle big problems.