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Alumni Entrepreneurs

Lorna Smith (Campion), BA, 1986Birding on a Budget


Birding on a Budget Costa Rica

Type of Business

Economy birding tours in Costa Rica

Contact Information

Apdo #465-4013 Alajuela
Atenas, Atenas 20501
Costa Rica

(206) 905-1050

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Description of Business or Organization

Biologist, Birders and Conservationists Lorna and Darrell Smith are the owners/operators of BIRDING ON A BUDGET COSTA RICA. The company offers exciting, adventurous birding experiences for every level of bird and nature lover at economic prices. BIRDING ON A BUDGET COSTA RICA specializes in intimate group sizes of no more than ten participants with a ratio of 1 host/guide for every 4 or 5 people. By keeping the group sizes small, everyone shares in every exciting bird siting. All facilities and reserves visited on BIRDING ON A BUDGET COSTA RICA tours share the company’s commitment to sustainability, economy and green practices. Lorna and Darrell have been full-time residents of Atenas, Costa Rica since 2007.

How did Evergreen prepare you for your professional life?

My time and my studies at Evergreen honed my observation skills through frequent field outings and the practice of keeping a field journal. I have been a life-long birder and environmental activist. Now, In Costa Rica, Darrell and I are assisting several local conservation efforts aimed at maintaining habitat for both the Scarlet and Great Green Macaw, two birds featured on our tours.