Alumni Entrepreneurs

Christopher Baggott, BA 1983


Exact Target Compendium Software

Type of Business

Computer, Technology and Web

Date of Operation

Exact Target: 2001- present

Contact Information

20 North Meridian Ave
Indianapolis, IN

Please describe any patents you hold on inventions or processes and where those are held and when you got the patent.


How did Evergreen prepare you for your professional life?

I owe just about everything to my Evergreen experience. Evergreen was where I first touched a computer in 1982. Evergreen was where I started my first business (Wilderness Paddling School). The collaborative environment and focus on original thought was the perfect preparation for a world that has moved from a hierarchal approach to the flat, fast, collaborative world we have become. People don’t appreciate how powerful simple things like calling a professor by her first name is in creating a mindset that all ideas are valued and everyone can make a contribution.