Alumni Entrepreneurs

Gilmore Crosby, BA 1982


Crosby and Associates

Type of Business

Community and Social Services

Date of Operation


Contact Information

PO Box 1333
Newark, NJ

How did Evergreen prepare you for your professional life?

The interdisciplinary approach continues to be a strong influence on my thinking. I see connections others don’t see, and love the Rasta wisdom that “Everything is Everything.” I also continue to read and explore a wide range of subject matter. Historical materialism is systems thinking applied to the ebb and flow of history. It would be more widely understood if not for fear and politics. Of course the means of producing influences who we are and what we think! Behavior, as Kurt Lewin pointed out, is a function of personality times the environment (with the environment being the heavier influence). No one today thinks the world is flat, even though that would have been a given in certain cultures 4000 years ago. We are a product of our times and our immediate circumstances. If you are at the bottom of a hierarchy you will probably cope with stress through the defense mechanism of fight (with it’s obvious potential consequences), or the more likely defense mechanism of flight (by fleeing inward - keeping your mouth shut, trying to keep out of harm’s way). We are constantly in systems, and influenced by them. Evergreen gave me a deep understanding of that. Finally, working in small groups, getting direct faculty contact, the whole Evergreen approach to learning fit my needs and increased my confidence greatly.