Alumni Entrepreneurs

Allen Grissom, BA 1992


Axis Surveying & Mapping

Type of Business

Life, Physical and Social Science

Date of Operation

2006- present

Description of Business or Organization

A relatively large Land Survey only firm, (no civil engineers) unique in the industry, we are an employee owned company where each of the 10 partners owns equal shares.

Contact Information

13005 NE 126th PL
Kirkland, WA

How did Evergreen prepare you for your professional life?

At Evergreen I began to develop an understanding of relativism and the idea of relative truths. I think this helps me enormously in dealing with the ambiguities and anomalies involved in interpreting property descriptions and in understanding the legal aspects of property "ownership" which is really only a bundle of rights that can be defined in as many ways as one can imagine. At Evergreen I learned how to learn independently and this definitely helped when it came time to study for the exam for licensure as a Land Surveyor.