Alumni Entrepreneurs

John Henshell, BA 1978


JOhn Henshell

Type of Business

Community and Social Services

Date of Operation

1995- present

Description of Business or Organization

I have been promoting programs and producing publications for many years. I add value to my employer’s words through adept use of diction, syntax, context, and visual images. I can recommend marketing and communication strategies, and create or mold your written communications in ways that will motivate your customers or employees. I produce articles, newsletters, Web content, marketing collateral, brochures, features, press releases, business plans, reports, and technical articles. Much of my writing is about technology and how to use it.

Contact Information

14760 SW 6th St
Beaverton , OR

How did Evergreen prepare you for your professional life?

Evergreen let me create my own education instead of giving me an off-the-shelf package. Evergreen helped me hone my research, reading, and writing skills.