Alumni Entrepreneurs

Candace Lemon, BA 2002


Durango Hometown Hostel

Type of Business

Hospitality (lodging food and beverage)

Date of Operation


Description of Business or Organization

The Durango Hometown Hostel sleeps 26 in four dorm rooms. Guests can take advantage of a fully equipped kitchen, common areas with a library, fireplace, wireless and house computers. The Hostel is a simple, social lodging alternative for budget travelers of all stripes.

Contact Information

736 Goeglein Gulch Road
Durango, CO

How did Evergreen prepare you for your professional life?

I often got the sense throughout my studies at Evergreen that the more I learned, the less I knew. The world exponentially expands through inquiry, collaboration, research, dialog... Starting and operating my own business has been very much the same. Evergreen taught me to be flexible, creative and to not shy away from the untidiness of life-the questions that have no clean answer, the endeavors that seem improbable or impossible at the outset. After the who-what-when-where of the things I learned in college have receded from my mind, it is the intangible way-of being-in-the-world stance that I developed during my time at Evergreen that remains.