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Alicia Nilaya Curran Palmer, BA 2005


Boat Building Vacation

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Participants can build a wooden kayak, rowing shell, dory, canoe, fishing boat or other small wooden boat in a relaxed 9-day cottage experience on a peaceful lake in central Maine. This is a traditional Maine cottage rental experience with the added feature of a boat building workshop and the support you need to build your own boat, no previous experience is necessary. Spend half your day building your very own small wooden boat to take home with you. You will never believe how easy it is. The other half of the day can be spent relaxing at the cottage or exploring the many sights and experiences that Maine has to offer. At the cottage you can: fish for bass, perch, pickerel and others in the well stocked lake; swim in the silkiest fresh water you’ve ever encountered; explore the woodland trails; take to the lake in one of our many water craft sailing, rowing, kayaking, canoeing, and fishing; or relax in a hammock and dream awhile.

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29 Town COmmon
Gorham, ME

How did Evergreen prepare you for your professional life?

Self Directed Learning. What you put in, is what you gain. You don't limit yourself doing better because a teachers' mark was sufficient enough, instead you put all your energy into something and you are rewarding accordingly. As well, when you don't put effort into something you are doing, it is only yourself that you disappoint.