Alumni Entrepreneurs

Forrest Peaker, BA 2005


Say This, Say That!

Type of Business

Computer, Technology and Web

Date of Operation


Description of Business or Organization

Say This Say That is an Olympia design firm that builds relationships with our clients based on open lines of communication and a mutual desire to succeed. Our business grows through word of mouth; our prices are fair and we can deliver creative and innovative design to meet your deadline. Say This Say That was founded in 2005 in an effort to design simple, but elegant web sites and print materials for artists, musicians, non-profits and start-up businesses. After a few years as a freelance operation, the founder decided it was pointless to compete with other freelance designers in such a small community. Instead, an alliance was created with local designers who shared the same design ideals and could work collaboratively as a design collective. Some may consider this alliance a form of ‘synergy’, but we prefer to call it design Voltron.… We don't just build websites, we make affordable design solutions for the creative community that are easy to use, update, and enjoy.

Contact Information

508 Legion Way Suite 1
Olympia, WA