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Lisa Quast, BA 1989


Career Woman, Inc.

Type of Business

Community and Social Services

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Description of Business or Organization

Career Woman, Inc. is a Seattle-based international consulting company dedicated to the advancement of women in business and the achievement of women's personal and professional aspirations. We provide the following services: Companies: Coaching top female talent, establishing woman's networks and mentoring programs, evaluating female talent, creating strategic plans to increase existing female talent, providing career development training, and improving their marketing of products and services to women. Women Business Owners & Woman's Associations: Creating strategic business plans, marketing their products and services, improving sales techniques, streamlining their operations and developing their business, providing coaching and mentoring, and developing their websites. Individuals: Life coaching, career coaching, personal image management, creating a personal development plan, improving skills, overcoming the issues and barriers they face in the workplace, developing and preparing for presentations, and achieving their personal and professional aspirations!

Contact Information

PO Box 1061
Bothell, WA

How did Evergreen prepare you for your professional life?

The most important skill Evergreen taught me is to think critically and from all angles of a situation. I've applied this knowledge every day of my life.